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by Richard

Welcome to Jane Mag! We’d love to have you here in our blog space. We would like to thank you for your interest in writing for us, and for that, we will guide you carefully through the process. In general, our blog serves to host articles about health and lifestyle tips, such as home improvement and gardening. But writings regarding business advice are also welcomed!

Please visit our page: https://janemag.com/ for a clearer view of what approved writings look like and inspirations for your own!

Contact us via this email: richard@mygreenerylife.com

What Are The Guidelines?

Please refer to other articles on our website to get familiar with how we do our writings and formats. If you are still confused by the large sample pool, try heading to the section that you are going to submit to. I.e, when you want to write for us on home improvement, it is best to visit that topic on our page for guidance.

Send us writings with captivating topics drawn from your own experience. We would love to read about your own experience with your life and how you deal with the problems that come your way. Your writings should have at least 600 words to ensure the amount of information delivered is enough to draw our readers in!

Make sure your submissions are unique and fresh, as those ideas will be able to draw in more attention than recycled content. We will also only accept writings that have not been published anywhere to keep the flow of content updated and engaging for our readers and visitors.

Please check your grammar and information sources carefully. While it is good to draw inspiration from your own life experience, you should also keep in mind that people will be following your advice closely after reading. Making sure your references are correct and backed by science benefits everyone and prevents any unfortunate accidents from misinformation.

When you send your writings our way, you become our guest, and your content will be checked and approved right away. We have a team of dedicated editors here in Jane Mag, so do not worry about your content quality after it has been published on our web page!

Why Should You Write For Us?

We are on our way to develop Jane Mag to become a consistent and robust lifestyle blog with a variety of topics for visitors to sift through, so do not worry about people not seeing your writings! We have already earned our target audience, so your guest posts will be seen by them and more.

If you have already had your own blog, it will benefit you greatly to write for us! When you submit a backlink to your own space on the net in your post submission, we will be sure to insert it into the final product for a win-win scenario. As we receive more patronage and traffic thanks to your posts, you and your blog/social media page will gauge the same attention, too!

Categories For Writings on Jane Mag

Here are the topics we allow on your blog space:

  • Guest Post or write for us On Home Improvement
  • Guest Post or write for us On Gardening
  • Guest Post or write for us On Health
  • Guest Post or write for us On Tech
  • Guest Post or write for us On Business
  • Guest Post or write for us Lifestyle

If you are intrigued or inspired by any of these topics, please check that category on our page to see whether your ideas have been written before, as we will not be approving articles that overlap with existing ones. In case you don’t have any ideas just yet, a visit to the page also helps you get some inspiration on what topics are currently in circulation!

When in doubt, just log into https://janemag.com/, and your brain will spark with ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Can I Send Already Published Writings?

As we have mentioned before, we will not be approving any writings that have been published or posted in any other space. We highly encourage you to create new articles and ideas, whether you have decided to write for us on lifestyle or technology!

This is to ensure reader’s attention to your posts as well as keep the page more interesting to explore in general.

2.    Will You Edit My Writings?

Yes, we will. Before your post is published onto our collection of articles here at Jane Mag, our editors will try their best to make your writings more neat and concise, so your point comes across more clearly.

Do not worry about your content’s information being distorted or fixed. We tend not to alter your submission as we have a rather hands-off approach when it comes to ideas. The best that we will do is make your post seem more coherent by making changes to your formatting, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

3.    How Should I Format My Writings?

Please refer to the existing articles on our blog space to see how we and others before you have done it. The method is rather simple but hard to gauge in words, so you should see for yourself!

4.    How can I submit my post?

Please send an email to richard@mygreenerylife.com