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A Guideline On How To Connect Switch To TV Without Dock

by Richard

Do you know about the Nintendo Switch, which is a combination between a desktop game console and a desktop game one? Thanks to it, there are a lot of ways to enjoy the installed games, maybe on television, with friends, in portable mode, etc. However, do you need the dock all of the time? No, and that’s why we are here today to show you how to connect Switch to TV without dock.

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How To Connect Switch To TV Without Dock?

If your switch dock breaks or you don’t have it with you, it’s not the end of the world. Believe it or not, you can connect your Switch to your TV and use it in docked mode even if you don’t have the dock with these three methods below. Now, let’s dig into the solution for the question of how to connect Switch to TV without dock!

USB Type C

You need to have this type of cable. Specifically, the female Type C cable will be connected to the dock’s internal port, while the male one will be hooked into the gaming console. The console can still link to the TV in desktop mode, but we won’t have to store it in the dock. Also, you’ll be likely to take better care of the screen’s surface.

This is the first basic way to solve the issue of how to connect Switch to TV without dock; however, it also means that you must rely on the connected dock. Hence, there will be overheating issues with your Switch if it doesn’t cool well. You will also need to prepare another cable or an extra bracket.


This second method on how to connect switch to TV without dock is more costly than the first one, but it can avoid ventilated support. More clearly, in this situation, you have a replacement dock for the Switch that efficiently overcomes the issue with the peripheral that Nintendo offers alongside the video system.

You’ll need to keep connecting to the television through USB Type C and HDMI, but you won’t have to cram the screen here between two plastic covers. As a result, the screen will be protected from damages, so you’ll be able to utilize the same functionalities as before.

After all, the dock is just a ‘converter’ of USB Type-C to HDMI. Some other producers have improved the idea of introducing devices like this, which are considerably more compact and comfy. Hence, you can bring the Switch outdoors or on a trip with you.

Even though it eliminates the issues of probable screen scratching and is much more compact, you must remember what we said about the airflow within the console. Furthermore, it does not preclude you from using a dock, whether Nintendo’s or a third-party one, even though they are more convenient to carry and avoid the customary damages on the console screen.

Some outdated USB-C adapters may not function, so you’ll need to upgrade to a newer model to fully connect your Switch to the TV. Here is an example Switch connected to the TV:

Keep in mind that it also necessitates a power supply. Because the adapter requires electricity, you will need an additional socket and a USB to Micro USB or USB to USB connection to utilize it. The adapter will also keep your Switch charged while you’re playing.

It is pretty easy to get an adapter for this, and they do not cost much. If you don’t want to carry your dock with you all the time, it’s absolutely worth buying up – you can even put it in your backpack, ready to use if you want to use your Switch on the move.

Hence, we consider it the greatest alternative if you need something simpler than the dock because it is difficult to transfer while traveling or visiting a mate’s place.


The last solution on how to connect Switch to TV without dock is using hub-type connectors. In this way, you can link to the gaming console through USB Type C, or you can also have HDMI and USB. However, please be aware of the console’s ventilation. Another advantage of these tools, besides their compactness,  is that they are also suitable for the latest laptops.


Overall, we have shown you solutions for how to connect Switch to TV without dock. Hope that you will find out the best way to solve your problem. Additionally, do not forget to note down all other important things of each substitute to choose what will work out best for you.

If you face any further issues or want to get more information, leave a comment in the box below. Thank you for reading this post!

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