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Discover the Durability & Appeal Of Herringbone Flooring

by Richard

Choosing the right floor can be difficult. There is a huge selection to choose from. For example, you can opt for tiled floors. These are easy to clean and can be laid in a variety of patterns. But, tiled floors tend to be cold. Other options include carpets, laminate, and even vinyl flooring.

But, by far the best, is high-quality herringbone parquetry flooring. It’s time you discovered why it’s so appealing.


Herringbone parquetry flooring is made of wood. It’s not just a natural material that looks great in your home, it’s also warm to the touch. That makes it significantly more attractive than tiles and even vinyl flooring.

This is especially relevant in the winter months when you really don’t want to walk around on a cold floor.


When you purchase wood flooring you’ll have a choice between sustainable wood products and those which aren’t. Sustainable wood is when trees are cut down, to make wood but they are also replaced, ensuring there is more wood in the future.

In contrast, unsustainable wood simply means that the tree has been cut down and the manufacturer isn’t concerned about the environment.

You can also get herringbone flooring made from recycled wood.

Opting for the sustainable option makes this type of flooring more appealing as you’re helping to save the planet while getting a stunning-looking floor.

Classic Pattern

That’s the bottom line, herringbone parquetry flooring looks fantastic. Instead of the wood being set in straight lines, it is offset to create a pattern. This pattern has been created for years, giving your floor a classic look. But, thanks to modern materials and technology, your herringbone floor can still look contemporary.

One thing is certain, the moment you see the floor you’ll appreciate how great it looks.

Goes With Anything

Herringbone flooring will match any décor and complement any paint colour. That doesn’t just mean it will look good today, it will also look great in the future when you redecorate your space.

It should be noted that herringbone flooring is no longer just brown. It’s possible to stain the wood and create any colour or pattern flooring you desire. It makes this style of floor even more appealing as it can be designed to be unique.

Easy Maintenance

Adding a herringbone floor means that it will last for years and it needs very little maintenance. The main aim is to sweep and vacuum it weekly. Occasionally you’ll want to damp mop it and perhaps apply a fresh coat of sealant/polish/wax.

It’s even possible to sand the floor to remove more serious blemishes, allowing you to re-seal the floor and make it look like new again. This means your hardwood herringbone floor will outlast almost any other type of floor you can think of.

Of course, because a herringbone floor often draws a gasp from visitors, you’ll find that installing one can make your home more desirable and valuable. That’s useful if you ever decide to sell it.

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