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My Girlfriend Talking to Another Guy Behind My Back – What Should I Do?

by Richard

For guys, it is not easy to deal with the situation of their women who like to talk to other men. In this case, keeping silent forever or overreacting may get you nowhere. My girlfriend talking to another guy behind my back, what should I do? Let’s find the answer in this blog!

Possible Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Is Talking to Other Guys

She Wants You to Be Jealous

Sometimes, both guys and girls want to make their partners jealous to be valued more. So, if your girlfriend intentionally lets you know that she is talking to someone else, she might want you to pay more attention to her, know her value, and spend more time with her.

She Is Not So Into You

If you see the signs of your girl flirting or talking to other guys and do not care about how you feel, she might not like you. In this case, the best thing to do is ask her for a serious talk about the relationship between you and her, then you can decide whether you want to put more effort into that relationship or not.

It’s Just Your Assumption

If you are quite controlling or obsessed with your partner, this might be the reason. Your mind might scream out, “It’s so bad, my girlfriend talking to another guy behind my back!” but in reality, she might just be having a casual conversation with a friend. 

My Girlfriend Talking to Another Guy Behind My Back – What to Do

Understand Why You Are Jealous and Have Peace with Your Feeling

My girlfriend talking to another guy behind my back, is it right to feel jealous? First off, it is a natural feeling if you are jealous over something you have feelings for. It does not make you a good or bad person. It just makes you a human with different kinds of emotions.

Don’t put on an act that you are not jealous or act like nothing happened. Instead, understand your feelings and make peace with them. However, do not act or talk to your girlfriend unreasonably just because you are jealous.

Keep Calm

When you feel hurt or disrespected by her, take a few deep breaths to calm yourself down, then you can have a clearer mind to decide what to do next. Never yell at her or accuse her of cheating when you do not know the real reason that makes her do it because this type of action will never do your relationship any good. It just makes your girl lose her respect for you.

Understand That’s Her Right

If you think it is so bad of her for talking to other guys behind your back, remember that most guys intentionally or unintentionally do it, too. Both men and women have the right to talk to the opposite sex even after having a partner. This is not necessarily cheating. It’s just a human thing.

Have a Clear Conversation with Her

My girlfriend talking to another guy behind my back. Does that mean she is cheating or flirting with the guy? Or does she just see the other guy as a friend?

To answer this question, you should have a clear conversation with her. While talking to her, make sure you know that you know it is her right to talk to someone. She then can reveal to you whether it is just her friend, a colleague she needs to discuss, or someone who is interested in her.

Trust Yourself and Maintain Your Self-Esteem

As mentioned above, men and women might try to make their partners jealous so their partners can value them more. If this is what your girlfriend is trying to do, let her know that you have feelings for her, and she does not need to do it. No matter what happens, trust yourself, maintain your self-esteem, and never lose control over a heating argument or jealousy.

My girlfriend talking to another guy behind my back; how can I deal with it? If she is not that interested in you, flirting with other guys after you two have a conversation, you have all the right to give that relationship a thought.

Do Not Try to Control Her

My girlfriend talking to another guy behind my back. Should I try to control her behavior? The answer is No. First, you need to understand that you have no right to stop her from talking to someone. If you try to control her, she has all the right to refuse it, and this behavior will not serve you in any way.

Last Opinion

It is not as easy as fairy tales in real-life relationships, and jealousy or misunderstanding can be the number one destroyer when your partner talks to someone else.

“My girlfriend talking to another guy behind my back, what should I do?” After reading our advice in this blog, we hope you can mindfully and reasonably communicate with your girlfriend with respect and a calm attitude. By maintaining the right behavior, you will either make your girl respect you more or answer whether she is the right one for you.

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