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5 Ideas to Help with Mild Memory Loss

by Richard

Mild memory loss can affect daily life in big ways and inhibit a high quality of life. Losing memory recall even in small ways can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, and a loss of self-confidence. When not managed, addressed properly, or dealt with in time the problem can grow into something more serious. There are several ways to deal with mild memory loss from getting more sleep, exercising, eating a proper diet, and even playing games. Follow along for 5 ideas to help with mild memory loss.

1.Sleep More

A lack of sleep is one of the top contributors to poor health not just physically but mentally as well, impacting memory functions and adding to memory loss issues. Getting enough sleep each night is critical to maintaining excellent brain health and memory recall. Men and women should be sleeping at least 8-10 each night. This sleep should be uninterrupted. To create solid sleep cycles, it’s best to stop any adrenalizing activities at least an hour before bed. Instead of watching the news or commenting on social media, unwind by reading an interesting book before bed. Make sure the room is cool and dark in order to get optimal sleep. Sleeping helps your body reset and build memory stamina, energy, and overall health.


Exercising is one of the healthiest ways to help with mild memory loss. Not only does physical activity help your brain, it also boosts your immune system and makes you healthier. Doing exercises like taking brisk walks or jogs is an easy way to introduce exercise into your routine and help manage your memory loss. Not only does exercise help with mild memory loss it also defends against further memory loss issues and fights against more serious forms of memory loss such as dementia. Start incorporating robust exercise routines into your daily schedule whether it be a brisk walk in the morning or right after dinner, any amount is better than no exercise at all.

3.Eat Healthy

One of the most important areas of defense against mental and physical decline is found in our daily diet. Eating processed foods filled with sugar and artificial flavors is only doing a great disservice to our bodies and minds. Gut health has been shown to affect the brain in major ways and it all starts with the food we eat. Choose foods high in antioxidants like berries, nuts, and extra virgin olive oil as antioxidants help fight unhealthy substances in our body that could cause memory loss. Extra virgin olive oil containing Carbon 60, or C60 for short, is a powerhouse of antioxidant fighting power. Carbon 60 is a potent antioxidant that works by neutralizing oxidative stress in the body and brain. Learn more about C60 organic oil to understand how it can impact your body and brain.

4. Play Brain Games

Playing games is a fun way to manage mild memory loss. Brain games such as chess, checkers, memory puzzles and much more are a great way to boost memory recall. As you play brain games your mind has to think a few steps ahead, learn new skills, and use learned skills. It’s a dynamic combination that will get your brain fired up and active. Keeping your brain active by playing games and learning new skills or even new hobbies will help to sharpen your memory. Choose games that you can play on your own or with friends and family. There are also multiple apps that focus on challenging the mind and increasing memory skills and brain function, you can also buy Portal 2 for this purpose too.

5.Eliminate Stress

Stress is a health killer. It causes a myriad of issues both mental and physical. When you’re too stressed your brain can seem “fried”. Symptoms of brain fog and confusion set in when your body is fighting high levels of stress and anxiety. Try removing yourself from toxic or stressful situations if you are able. Replace stressful facets of your life with peace-inducing activities or hobbies and spend time with close friends and loved ones. Being around positive people has a way of melting stress and worry and giving your brain feelings of happiness. This is akin to medicine for the brain. Turn off negative news and replace any worrisome thoughts with uplifting and encouraging music, podcasts, and books. Making new and enjoyable memories is the ultimate way to combat mild memory loss and cultivate a healthy environment in which your brain can thrive.

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