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The Most Affordable Times to Move

by Richard

If you plan to move to a different area, there are many challenges you will encounter. For instance, you need to pack on time, ensure you select the most affordable times to move your items, and well prepared for the move. 

Planning everything before moving will ensure you save time and money. In addition, you will make the moving process more organized and effective. For instance, hiring commercial movers will ensure your items are safely moved from one area to another. 

Professional movers are trained people who understand all aspects of relocation. They are well-qualified to hand local moves and long-distance movers. In addition, they have the right tools and equipment for the job. 

But determining the most reasonable time to move involves a lot of factors. You need to decide the best season to move, the best month to move, the best week to move, and the best day of the week you should move. 

All the above factors play a significant role in determining moving costs. Also, are you going to engage professional movers, or is it a DIY move? Below are the most reasonable times you can move

7 Affordable times to move

1. Best season to move

The best way to make your relocation smooth and secure is to be flexible with time. You need to understand that everything can change when you are moving. Hence, it would be best if you were as flexible as possible. 

According to moving experts, the best season is from late September to April. During this time, most professional moving companies are not busy and tend to offer the best services at an affordable rate. 

Nevertheless, most movers are busy from June to September, and the rates might be very high. Therefore, if you are looking for the most affordable season to move, the winter season is the best. 

2. Best time of the month to move

Since the best months to move are from September to April, you need to know the best time to relocate your items. Mid-month is considered the best time in a month to move. If you can, select Friday as the moving day so that you can unpack and carry out the other tasks on the weekend. 

3. Best day of the week to move

Most people prefer moving on weekends. Even though weekends are the best days to move, they might charge you more. So, if you want a reasonable time to move, it is a good idea to plan on weekdays. Also, ensure you are moving in the middle of the month. 

4. Moving during holidays or winter

If you have kids, the best time to move is during holidays or winter. Even though holidays are busy times for the moving companies, they are less stressful for your kids. 

Keep in mind when you move, all your items will be packed in boxes to be opened in the new home. Thus, it might be hard for the kids to go to school. Therefore, moving during holidays is a good option. 

Also, cancel or postpone any appointments during the moving days. It would be best to be free from work, less committed, and ready for the moving challenges. 

5. Best week to move

NYC movers are moving experts who suggest you avoid moving during the month’s first and the last weeks. According to the experts, the first and last weeks are occupied times, and moving companies are very busy. Thus, you might be charged more. 

You are advised to move mid-month and mid-week if you want to save some money. During this time, moving companies are less busy, and you might get a discount. 

6. Affordable time to move

Whether you are hiring office movers or making a DIY move, the most affordable and appropriate time to relocate is early in the morning. During this time, the professional movers are fresh and ready to handle any task. Moreover, they have more energy in the morning compared to late in the evening. 

7. Plan your move in advance

You need to plan your move as early as you can. Keep in mind that it will take you some time to select the best moving company for the move. When choosing a moving company, pick a few of them and ask for estimates. 

After getting the estimates from the companies, analyze them and then pick one that meets your needs. It is good to start planning for the move five to six weeks before the moving day. 


Moving is a stressful process that needs a lot of planning. Therefore, you need to plan ahead before you start moving your items. Make sure you check the best time you can move and ensure you contact your movers on time. 

By planning ahead, you will be in a position to choose the best time, hire the best professional movers, and ensure everything is well packed. 

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