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5 Things to Look for While Selecting a Rehab Centre in Hyderabad

by Richard

Life throws unexpected challenges at us and forces us to deviate from our well-planned path. While some can manage their ups and downs, others get caught in a whirlpool of unhealthy behaviours.

 When faced with distressing feelings, many individuals are left without knowing the correct tool to manage them. Rehab centres can offer great support for anyone struggling with mental health issues, and they are not restricted to physical health only. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), approximately 2.4 billion people in the world are currently living with a health condition, both physical and mental, that may benefit from rehabilitation.    

If anyone is struggling with mental health conditions, many resources are available to support you and offer coping strategies to manage negative feelings that fuel your unhealthy behaviours.

Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Rehab Facility  

The recovery journey is hard but not impossible, with the help of mental health professionals. There are five things to consider when choosing rehab centres in Hyderabad:

Meet Your Requirements

It is crucial to consider individual needs like location and amenities while considering rehab centres in Hyderabad. Rehab centres offer diverse services, and you can get overwhelmed by them. Be sure to verify with the professionals to ensure the services align with your requirements.

Staff Qualification

It is always a smart move to check your mental health professional’s qualifications, including therapists, counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and nurses. These professionals come from different backgrounds, and knowing their qualifications assures that they have the expertise to meet your specific requirements.

Rehab Facility

One of the most prominent features of a rehab facility is 24/7 care. Disruptive behaviours are common among mental health patients, and a constant watch is needed to monitor them; therefore, it is crucial to know whether your desired rehab centres in Hyderabad have this facility.  

Treatment Program

Every mental health condition is different, and individuals struggling with mental health illnesses exhibit different levels of severity and symptoms. Therefore, it is extremely important to explore the various treatment options, like therapists, counselling, and medication, as each one of them serves a varied purpose in the recovery process.

Aftercare Service

Recovery care doesn’t stop after the rehab centre; aftercare is equally important. When you are no longer in a controlled environment, many things can act as trigger points. Therefore, consider checking whether the selected rehab centres in Hyderabad provide after-care or outpatient services.

Benefits of Rehabilitation Centres

The purpose of rehabilitation is to help individuals achieve independence and optimize their daily functioning. Rehab centres in Hyderabad provide several benefits:

Faster Recovery

 They can accelerate the recovery process by incorporating different treatment options that are aligned with your needs. Their holistic approach helps you to improve your quality of life without overwhelming it.

Coping Strategies  

One of the most useful strategies in the recovery process is coping mechanisms. Mental health professionals will develop coping strategies for you that are effective in avoiding triggers, preventing relapse and improving your daily functioning.  

Reduced Symptoms

With a personalised treatment plan and effective coping skills, you are not only equipped to manage the symptoms of your condition efficiently, but it also reduces the risks of comorbidities; having more than one mental health condition, because mental health illnesses rarely occur alone.  

Increased Independence

When you have adopted self-care and coping skills into your recovery journey along with therapies and prescribed medications, you are better equipped to live more independently even in the exposed environment.  

Better Relationships

Through rehabilitation, you will regain control of your life and your self-esteem naturally improves. Most of the individuals struggling with mental health have impaired social relationships. Rehab will help build and manage your relationships into healthier ones.  

Different Therapies Offered at Rehab  

Different therapies will be offered by your therapist to ease your symptoms depending on your severity levels, but the most common therapies are

Individual /Family/Group Therapy  

Individual therapy involves only you and your therapist, whereas, in group therapy, you are in a group setting with people having similar experiences and sharing your challenges. Family therapy involves involving family members in your therapy session to help them understand your condition better.  

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapy that focuses on your thought patterns, particularly negative thoughts that fuel your triggers. CBT helps you reframe these thoughts into positives and develops effective coping mechanisms to manage your triggers that are supportive of your recovery.  

Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET)

Individuals struggling with mental issues often lack the motivation to start or continue their treatment. Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) helps people build motivation and a willingness to develop a more positive outlook. It empowers them to change negative thoughts and behaviours into healthier ones.

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) teaches individuals to better understand their reality. It helps them see their reality more objectively and develop coping skills to avoid and manage their triggers.

Living with addiction and mental illness can be challenging. Individuals struggling with chronic conditions like addiction know the damage it inflicts on their overall well-being which makes quitting extremely hard. Similarly, individuals with mental illness often want to seek support, but societal stigma, lack of awareness, and the fear of judgment can make it harder for them to seek the support they desperately need.

If you are struggling with any mental health condition, there are rehab centres in Hyderabad to support your recovery process with an individualised treatment plan to cater to your unique needs. Recovery seems impossible, and taking the first step is always the hardest part, but with strong persistence and determination, it is possible.

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