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Top Tips When Applying An Epoxy Coat To Your Garage Floor

by Richard

If you’re looking to repair a concrete garage floor and you want something durable, chemical resistant, and even abrasion-resistant then you’ll be considering epoxy floor coatings. It’s an excellent choice and can be applied to your floor yourself.

You should note, it’s not the only option. There are some excellent polyurethane floor paints that can also be used although these are not ideally suited to concrete floors. They are well-suited to adding over an epoxy floor, providing extra strength and they protect the epoxy from the effects of the sun’s UV rays.

Clean First

If you want the epoxy to bond properly and give you a smooth finish, you’re going to need to clean the floor properly. That means, brushing it very carefully. You can use a vacuum to help remove all the debris in the cracks on your floor. It’s worth getting the loose stuff out with a scraper first.

Once you are certain that the floor is dust and debris free you can apply your degreaser. It must be formulated for concrete floors. Follow the instructions on the degreaser and you’ll remove all chemical residue, including oil.

You’ll need to sweep the floor afterwards.


This isn’t essential but it does help you get the perfect finish. You can buy an etching solution at your local store and mix it with water. Then, simply pour the etching solution over your concrete garage floor and use a stiff brush, to make sure the etching solution is worked into every part of the floor.

Leave the etching solution on the floor for thirty minutes before rinsing the floor with clean water. It’s best to rinse it several times to ensure the etching solution has been washed away.

Masking The Garage

If you don’t want the epoxy to go up the walls then now is the right time to use masking tape to create a neat line where the floor and walls meet. You’ll want to go at least a foot up the walls to prevent any accidents from happening.

Mix Your Epoxy

Epoxy flooring comes in two parts, the resin and the hardener. Once they are mixed you’ll have a limited amount of time to apply them before they set. That’s why you need to make sure you’re completely ready first.

It’s important to mix the compounds in a well-ventilated area to prevent any issues with fumes. You’ll need to stir the epoxy until you have a uniform colour. You’re then ready to apply it.

Applying The Epoxy Flooring

Now use a roller and a long extension to apply your epoxy directly to the prepared concrete floor. Take your time to ensure the floor has been fully covered and the coating is even.

You can add any finishing touches at t(his stage, such as decorative flakes to add a sparkle.

Once you have applied the epoxy leave the floor for 12-24 hours, making sure no one and no pet can walk on it. After it’s dried you can apply a clear coat to create a glossy look and air the garage to ensure all fumes are gone before you start using it again.

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