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What Is Duplex Printing? – Detailed Explanation

by Richard

If you once struggled with a large number of print jobs, we are sure you know how devastating it could be. So, to finish that huge work effectively, duplex printing is highly recommended.

But if you do not know well about “What is duplex printing?”, we are here to show you the most precise information. Now, let’s get started!

What Is Duplex Printing?

Duplex printing means that your printer allows printing on both two sides of the paper by automatically or manually reversing the paper itself to finish the print job. Printers that are only able to print single-sided documents are called simplex printers.

As the question “What is duplex printing?” is not very thorny to answer, we have now partly obtained the matter.

How Does Duplex Printing Work?

After finding a precise answer to “What is duplex printing”, let’s figure out how amazing it functions.

Nowadays, modern printers are usually equipped with automatic duplex printing. This is a removable feature of hardware that comes as an add-on piece for any printer with duplex printing capability.

Therefore, you can decide to purchase the printer with the two-sided printing feature or save money by getting the printer only.

Thanks to this method, both sides of the document can be printed simultaneously with the help of a conductor belt generating and sending pictures of two sides to transfuser belts. Then, the images get merged and printed out on each side of the paper.

The above process is known as automatic duplex printing, which is sometimes mistaken for double-sided printing by those who do not know well about “what is duplex printing”.

Double-sided printing is manual duplex printing. It means that instead of having the document automatically printed two-sided, you will have to turn the paper over yourself to finish the print jobs.

What Are Advantages Of Duplex Printing?

Now that you acquire the answer to “what is duplex printing”, do you wonder about its benefits? Let’s have a look at what duplex printing brings about.

  • Money-saving: By printing on both two sides of the paper, you only need half the amount of paper as usual. So, you can save up to 50% of the money spent on printing supplies.
  • Time and energy saving: Instead of waiting for single-sided printing or manually flipping the paper over for double-sided documents, now, with automatic duplex printing, we have everything done for us effectively.
  • Space-saving: Of course, the less paper to use up, the more space is empty. As a result, your surroundings will look much neater, and you can make the most of your room or office.
  • Lighter: As you print on both two sides of the paper, the final document becomes half-weighted and more portable. Therefore, you can easily carry them around for work without too much inconvenience.

How To Set Up Automatic Duplex Printing?

Here is a particular guide on setting up automatic duplex printing for you to follow.

Step 1: Fulfill paper into the input tray for the upcoming job.

Step 2: Open the document, choose File, click Print.

Step 3: Choose your printer, then click Printer Setup, Preferences, or Printer Properties.

  • A Document Properties window or Printing Preferences will pop up.
  • A Printing Shortcut tab will open, then choose Duplex( Two-sided) Printing or Print On Two( Both) Sides option.
  • If there is no Printing Shortcut tab, click the Features, Finishing, or Layout tab (depending on which tab is available) and follow the above step.

Step 4: Search for a Two-sided( Duplex) Printing Menu or Print On Two ( Both) Sides option to choose your desired flipping option.

  • Booklet style: flip on the longer edge of the paper.
  • Tablet style: flip on the shorter edge of the paper.

Step 5: Choose OK, then hit on Print.

If the paper is automatically pulled back after one-sided printing to print the second side, it means that your printer is equipped with duplex printing. So you are all done. But if not, continue the following steps.

Step 6: Take the one-sided printed pages out of the output tray and tap that stack on a flat surface to straighten those pages.

Step 7: Then, put those even pages back into the input tray.

  • Most duplex print drivers will display a window of reloading paper instruction, so follow the guide to get the right printing.
  • For example, some printers require the stack to be loaded face up with the top edge into the printer, while some need those pages to be loaded facing down.

Step 8: Click Continue to finish the other sides’ printing process.

Waiting for some more minutes, and then you will get perfectly two-sided printouts.


Overall, we believe with that amount of detailed information we provide, you have acquired the answer to “what is duplex printing” as well as its functions and steps to set it up.

Whether you need a printer for home or work, the one with the duplex printing feature will surely boost your lifestyle and workflow. Therefore, consider the variety of multifunction printers on the market carefully to make a wise choice.

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