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What’s Wrong With Camping On The Sahara Desert? – The Untold Truths For Campers

by Richard

The worry of what’s wrong with camping on the Sahara desert has made you hesitate to go on an intriguing journey. That is understandable because the Sahara desert is a majestic place of extremes. It’s not a place that nobody has visited before, so several useful pieces of advice from experienced guides exist to help you make your own decision.

Keep scrolling until the end of our paper to discover many things unrevealed about the Sahara desert.

What’s Wrong With Camping On The Sahara Desert

What is possible to happen on the Sahara desert? Sahara desert, in fact, is not peaceful and relaxing as shown in the photos; plenty of surprises can come to your journey. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Inclement Climate

What’s wrong with camping on the Sahara desert? As a place receiving less than 50 centimeters of rainfall per year, the climate in the Sahara desert is extremely humid and hot in the morning, which can even reach 58 Celsius degrees. On the contrary, the temperature can dramatically fall to -6 Celsius degrees at night.

With such a sudden change, your body can suffer from hyperthermia or heat stroke if you have not been trained to adapt to that environment quickly. The symptoms of heatstroke are chills, dizziness, slurred speech, and even hallucinations.

Freshwater Restriction

Freshwater is another issue when camping on the Sahara desert. Do you know that the majority of the water in the Sahara desert is saltwater? The only places where we can find freshwater are oases.

Freshwater is a lifesaver as you need it for activities and being conscious. Along with the extremely high temperature in the Sahara desert, you will need to hydrate frequently. Therefore, knowing to store fresh water and keep the body not dehydrated is exceedingly essential.


What’s wrong with camping on the Sahara desert must include the sandstorm. It may not be familiar with the people living in the other areas. Nevertheless, it usually happens in the Sahara desert.

Moreover, it is hard to forecast and avoid this kind of natural disaster; even the local guides cannot predict exactly when and where it will take place.

The sandstorm could be a nightmare to adventurers since it can bury the victims in the sea of sand that gives them breathlessness. Another negative possibility is the travelers could be blown away by a flash flood and get lost in the vast desert.

Getting Lost

Do not travel in the Sahara desert if you have not known enough about it. The lack of knowledge and travel experience can lead to numerous problems, and one of them is getting lost.

What’s wrong with camping on the Sahara desert? Imagine you are walking in an enormous no-escape sandbox with a shortage of water and food, feeling down and hopeless. That unfortunate situation is not only a challenge to your physical stamina but also a difficult test for your spirit.

In some cases, when the travelers wander in the desert for too long and are severely dehydrated, the symptoms of paranoia may come to them. For example, they can imagine an oasis in front of them, while it is not true.

Some Pieces of Advice For Travelers

Your camping will be more convenient with the recommendations from experienced travelers. Do not skip, or you will miss some useful information!

Do the Research Carefully Before Going

Absorbing as much knowledge of the Sahara desert as possible before you go camping. A tiny piece of information about the weather, the plant, or the wildlife could save your life if you, unfortunately, get lost and desire to survive.

For instance, you can find drinkable water in some species of cactus, while a few kinds of this desert plant are extremely poisonous. And our “What’s wrong with camping on the Sahara desert” article also partly contributes to your knowledge of the Sahara desert.

Pack Properly

Getting lost is always a nightmare, so you had better bring a good map, a GPS unit, or a cell phone. In case you decide to travel alone, do not forget to provide your buddies the information of your itinerary.

In addition, you should pack a hat with a large brim, a pair of high SPF-sunscreen, and UV-filtering sunglasses to minimize the damage of sunray.

About clothing, synthetic fibers are recommended, while some prefer cotton since it is capable of retaining water and sustaining the body temperature on hot days. However, at night, when the temperature significantly drops, it is not an ideal option.

Staying Hydrated

To prevent water loss, try to breathe through your nose and avoid eating fatty foods as they take more water to digest. Although there are several survival tips, the best way to avoid dehydration and heatstroke is to drink a lot of water. However experienced you are, it is always a smart plan to pack as much as possible, which should be much more than you expect.


Hopefully, the information provided above has helped clear all of your uncertainties about “What’s wrong with camping on the Sahara desert?”. Although the Sahara desert is likely not a place for relaxing, it could be a priceless experience in your life. Whatever your decision is, we hope you will be satisfied with it, especially after reading this paper.

Lastly, thank you for flipping till the end of our article.

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