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Abandoned Places In Rhode Island That You Can Discover

by Richard

For many people, the feeling of visiting and experiencing haunted places is so exciting. If you are a fan of ghost stories or horrific events, visiting the abandoned places in Rhode Island will raise your adrenaline level and leave you unforgettable chills.

This blog will give you the nine haunted locations in Rhode Island. Scroll down!

Rhode Island – Why It Is Known for Abandoned and Haunted Places?

As you already know, houses and land are valuable in most areas globally, and if they are abandoned, there must be a reason for it. Those who believe in ghosts and supernatural events would consider that evil entity haunt these places.

If you know some basic information about Rhode Island, you would know that history can be found in nearly every corner of this location. Many historic events are quite horrific and creepy, and people believe that the bad entities still exist in certain places until today.

There will normally be one or a few haunted places in one city or area. However, there are nine abandoned places in Rhode Island that you can discover when you visit there.

Abandoned Places in Rhode Island That You Can Discover

The Cumberland Public Library – Cumberland

This area used to be a monastery and is known for the haunting of a phantom monk. In this abandoned places in Rhode Island list, Cumberland Public Library is one of the creeps as people believe that not only this place but the whole surrounding area is also haunted.

Fort Wetherill – Jamestown

When talking about ghosts and evils, most of us only think about evil human souls or other famous entities like Satan or some Gods of hell. However, Fort Wetherill is quite different because what people know about it is the soul of a phantom back dog that started to haunt the place since the Revolutionary War era.

The Perron House: The Conjuring House – Burrillville

A “hardcore” fan of modern horror movies cannot skip “The Conjuring Universe.” Specifically, this movie series is famous and mysterious as it is the “movie version” of real-life events that happen in the house of Roger and Carolyn Perron.

According to two paranormal experts, Ed and Lorraine Warren, this house has been haunted by Bathsheba Sherman, who killed and sacrificed her daughter to Satan before hanging herself to eternally binding her soul to the house.

Seaview Terrace – Newport

If you are a fan of paranormal movies or TV shows, you may recognize this place as it used to be filmed for the “Dark Shadows” show. Even though this place does not look spooky, people believe it is one of the most haunted abandoned places in Rhode Island. There are many ghost residences, especially Mrs. Bradley – the wife of the original owner.

Belcourt Castle – Newport

The next name on our list is Belcourt Castle. This mansion is said to be haunted by a phantom monk and two haunted chairs. Interestingly, people say that these two chairs will eject anyone who sits on them.

Nathanael Greene Homestead – Coventry

With spooky activities like disembodied screams, phantom footsteps, or doors opening and closing on their own, this house is one of the most ghoulish abandoned places in Rhode Island. And it is Nathanael Greene’s former residence.

Chestnut Hill Cemetery – Exeter

Cemeteries are scary in general, but Chestnut Hill Cemetery is a complete nightmare cursed by Mercy Lena Brown – an alleged vampire. After Mercy and her family died, all other family members’ corpses started to depose, except for her. People had to remove her heart and burn it when they saw her hair growing longer, even after she had already died.

The Ladd School – Exeter

The history of this place is not pleasurable to talk about as it was the place of cruel activities and tortures of promiscuous or mentally ill women. Until today, people can still hear voices and screams inside of this place.

City Hall – Providence

Being famous for unexplainable movements in the house like whispers coming from empty rooms, cigarette smoke, chairs moving all by themselves, City Hall is one of the creepiest abandoned places in Rhode Island. In detail, some paranormal experts have reported that the soul of someone who was buried in this house has haunted it since.


Haunted places can be untrustable for some people. But for those who believe that the world we live in is not the only world, haunted locations like Rhode Island can be pretty exciting to explore.

The abandoned places in Rhode Island we listed in this blog are pretty famous for the intensity of the paranormal entities. So if you are near the area, do not miss out on checking them if you love the chill feeling.

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