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8 Powerful Signs of Male Attraction – What You Should Know

by Richard

Sometimes, we have a really good time talking with someone but only see that person as a friend. For these reasons, many women might be confused and not sure if the guy they are talking to is attracted to them or not. This blog will give you powerful signs of male attraction that men do when they like someone more than just a friend!

Stay tuned because the eight signs we are going to talk about are pretty accurate in most cases!

Can You Really Know If A Guy Is Attracted to You?

Depending on the intensity of the attraction signs, you can tell if a guy is into you, falls head to heels to you, likes you as a friend, or just does not have any interest in you.

Taking subtle signs like talking a lot to each other and laughing together as examples. These actions can show that a guy is interested in the conversation he has with you, but they are not powerful enough to determine whether he likes you as a friend or has a crush on you.

Can you know if a guy is attracted to you? The answer is Yes, but you need signs that are strong enough to jump to the conclusion. In the next part, we will list eight powerful signs of male attraction that you should know.

8 Powerful Signs of Male Attraction – What You Should Know

Body Language

If his body language shows that he is trying to face his head and body directly in front of you, that means he is interested in you. You can read these signs by noticing if he is leaning toward you, pointing his feet straight at you, or facing his chest and head at you.

On the other hand, when you see him crossing his arms or looking somewhere else while talking to you, it can be a sign of disinterest.

Long Eye Contact

We cannot stop looking at something we like, such as a beautiful dress or a nice pair of shoes for a reason. Indeed, we tend to spend more time looking and thinking of something or the person we love as an instinct.

This rule is also true for romantic relationships. When a guy is really into you, one of the most powerful signs of male attraction he gives out is constantly looking deep into your eyes most of the time you talk to him.


When he likes you, his heart can beat faster because of a pulse. This sign can be a little bit harder to notice if you do not pay close attention. However, if you see his face become red and he is breathing faster, it is a sign of nervousness due to the attraction he has for you!

He Constantly Smiles At You

Smiles are another powerful sign of male attraction. When someone is smiling at us, it shows that they want to be near us.

But sometimes smiles only mean he is polite and not necessarily the obvious attraction signs. So, you should pay more attention to how he looks at you while smiling to get a better answer.


Touches are powerful signs of male attraction because when a man is attracted to a woman, he wants to be closer to that woman and wants her to see him more than just a friend. Sometimes, a man can show his interest by touching your hands, hair, shoulders, etc.

He Is Open About Himself

Men can open up more about themselves to you if they like you. Most of the time, they want to get your attention by revealing good things about themselves, their passion, or other spheres of their lives.

He Compliments You

One of the most powerful signs of male attraction is giving compliments. Specifically, if he wants to flirt with you and wants you to like him back, he will give you compliments to make you feel happy.

He Asks You About Yourself

What do we do when we like someone? One of the first things we want to do is want to learn more about that person. Therefore, when a guy asks you questions about your personal life, it means they like you or at least have a certain interest in you.


When a man likes a woman, he will subconsciously or intentionally let that woman know about his interest. By the end of this blog, we bet you already know the eight powerful signs of male attraction we listed above. Next time when you see a guy, we hope you can judge if he is into it or not.

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