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Can I Give My Dog Tums? – Tips For Dog Owners

by Richard

Tums are the medications for humans to reduce some stomach problems, it makes your stomach feel better. But does it work for dogs? “Can I give my dog tums?” – so many people have asked us this question. If you have the same wonder, this article will give you the solution!

Can I Give My Dog Tums?

Can I give my dog tums? Yes, of course!

Why do we say Yes? The reason is that tums contain some active components like calcium carbonate, which are completely safe for pups. 

You can totally give your dogs tums if they have some digestion symptoms. However, you should give them the right and limited dosage.

These tums can ease some temporary tummy problems properly, even though that’s not the most effective treatment. In case these tablets do not work, or the stomach problems last for a long time without any better conditions, you should follow the veterinarian’s instructions.

What Are The Effects Of Tums On Dogs?

In the previous part, we have answered the question, “Can I give my dog tums?”. So how do tums work for dogs? Or in another word, what are the right positive effects of tums on dogs?

As you may know, tums can treat some simple tummy symptoms like heartburn or diarrhea because of some tums’ vital ingredients for canines as calcium carbonate, which helps reduce the acid of a tum. However, dogs may consume these tablets too fast without any effective sequel.

Some dog owners use tums as the source of calcium for their pups, but that’s not absolutely appropriate. Frequently, your dogs may not get any serious problems if you use it unusually. On the other side of the coin, getting an overdose of tums could let your dogs face some health issues.

Sometimes, tums can be taken advantage of as treating kidney and stomach issues or preventing the high level of phosphorus in the blood. Still, pet owners should not misuse it without professional instructions. In the worst situation, your dogs could get some side effects of that medicine. That’s why we highly recommend users make an appointment before letting their pet use any treatment.

However, there are some bad phenomena when using tums for pups. Tums, in normal form, are calcium carbonate. Many people may think that it could be a benign source of calcium for their dogs. But it isn’t. In case your dog takes an overdose of calcium, he or she may get an awkward health condition called pancreatitis.

What Are Some Tips For Using Tums Efficiently?

“Is it safe when giving tums to pets?”, “Can I give my dog tums?”.

Pet owners can totally use tums for their dogs since they are benign, with accurate dosage. Here, we’ll give some tips to use tums efficiently.

First, always check the label to ensure that the ingredients do not cause any harm to dogs. For example, dogs cannot consume artificial sweeteners such as xylitol. We advise you to pick the standard version and no additional add-ins.

It would be best if you are aware of some antacids. Although these antacids help treat kidney disease, they can affect other problems related to the kidney. Let’s ask the veterinarian about antacids’ side effects on your dogs before using them.

Another thing we have to remind you is that you also need to check the condition of your pets. Tums can affect your dog if she is pregnant or lactating. Remember to consult the vets to know her restriction correctly before letting her drink tums.

What’s The Appropriate Dosage Of Tums For Dogs?

At this time, you don’t have to wonder about “Can I give my dog tums?” anymore. But what’s the appropriate dosage of tums for dogs?

Because of many factors, your pet should be given a reasonable dosage of tums. Commonly, you will rely on the instruction of pills and the power of the tums, the heaviness of your dog. Specifically, we’ll provide guidance for typical use of the drug in pups:

For puppies, they just need 1250 mg for 24 hours. For a day, 2 to 4 grams for medium dogs, 4 to 6 grams for big dogs, and 6 grams to 10 grams for oversized dogs is an advisable dosage. After all, we would like to consult your veterinarian’s instructions before allowing your dog to use tums.


Now, you might have the answer to the question: “Can I give my dog tums?”. Tums, with appropriate dosage, won’t give negative effects on your pet. Mild stomach problems in dogs will be resolved and subsided independently without needing any support from medicines. And just one more thing to remember, the usage of antacid works well on pets as well as a supplement of calcium.

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