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What Color Shoes To Wear With Plum Dress?

by Richard

Purple, especially plum color dresses, can give us a unique look. However, as this color stands out so much compared to many other colors, you need to know what color shoes to wear with plum dress. Read on for some of our suggestions!

Choosing Shoes for Plum Dress – Understand Basic Color Combination

Plum dresses look so elegant and feminine if you mix everything with the right. But if you choose the wrong colors of accessories, bags, or shoes to wear with it, it might ruin the nice look you are trying to have.

What color shoes to wear with plum dress? To pick the best color to wear with plum color, you must understand the basic color theory and combinations. Here are some examples of the colors that will look great with the purple dress:

  • Purple and cream
  • Purple and silver
  • Dark purple (plum) and gold
  • Purple and pastel pink
  • Lilac and blue

These mixtures can look in harmony when we mix them, and in informal cases, you should follow these rules. However, you can pick other colors like baby blue, black, white, or even light green shoes to wear in casual cases.

The examples we gave you above are the best option that will give you an elegant look. Besides, there are also many other colors of shoes you can choose to look more creative, active, and unique.

What Color Shoes to Wear with Plum Dress?

Black Shoes

If you wonder, “what color shoes to wear with plum dress?” let’s start with black. Black is one of the easiest colors to mix because it can go well for almost any color, including plum. A pair of nice black shoes will enhance the look of your dress so much regardless of the material the dress is made of.

Another good thing about black shoes is that this color is suitable for nearly all events. Hence, you can wear them to go to a formal party like a wedding, or put them on and go out to see some friends.

Yellow Shoes

What color shoes to wear with plum dress? Are bright colors like yellow a good choice?

In the color wheel, yellow and purple can work so well together. This combination can make you look stunning and active. Despite that, as the yellow color can stand out so much, this mix might not suit some formal events.

Purple Shoes

We cannot ignore purple shoes as the same or similar colors can go so fine with each other. But it would help if you are carefully picking a pair of purple shoes for a plum dress because they might be a terrible combination in some cases.

The rule here is quite simple. Thus, what you need is to determine how many shades the shoes are off your dress. Here are some situations:

  • If the shoes are around one or two shades of the plum dress, do not wear them because they will not look well.
  • If the shoes are many shades of the dress, it is normally safe to mix them.
  • If the shoes and dress are made of the same material and have the same color, it is ok to mix them. However, it will look pretty matchy and formal and might not be a perfect combination for a casual meeting.
  • If the shoes and dress are made of different material and have the same color, this is your personal choice.

White Black

White and black shoes can work pretty well with nearly all types of purple color, including plum. Indeed, a pair of attractive white, black shoes will implement your nice plum dress easily.

Gold Shoes

What color shoes to wear with plum dress? There are many answers, but you should never forget the gold color. Gold shoes can be a perfect fit for a purple dress, and this combination will make you look more “luxury” than other colors. This color is quite easy to mix, but for purple color especially, it can work well with any shade of purple and most styles of dresses.

White Shoes

White shoes can work so well with a lighter purple dress, so do not skip this color if you are a fan of purple. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the white color might not work so well with darker purple color.  If you want to wear them anyway, please understand that the shoes will stand out so much.

Silver Shoes

Silver shoes are beautiful, and they can be a good complement to a purple dress. Though, not all shades of silver color will work well with all shades of purple.

So, what color shoes to wear with plum dress? Are all types of silver colors a good choice? Normally, darker silver will work well with brighter purple, while bringer silver will look best with darker purple color.


By the end of this sharing blog, we hope you already know what color shoes to wear with plum dress and what colors to choose, depending on certain circumstances. Next time when you wear a plum or purple dress, ensure you pay attention to the material, colors, colors’ shades, and you will look stunning.

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