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Do I Need A Permit To Build A Deck? The Reasons Are Involved

by Richard

If you intend to have a deck, you may be wondering about the obstacle: Do I need a permit to build a deck? Many people think that a building permit from the authorities to build a deck seems troublesome and quite time-consuming.

In fact, this is necessary and mandatory. In the article below, we will give specific reasons why you need to get permission before constructing your own deck.

Do I Need A Permit To Build A Deck?

Don’t let you wait any longer; we will immediately solve your question – Do I need a permit to build a deck? The answer is definitely yes. In other words, you are required to have a building permit for deck construction. This rule is based on two principal building codes that everyone must follow, no matter what state you are living in.

The news may be a sad announcement for some busy people who fear getting in trouble and fussing with paperwork. However, this circumstance is inevitable, and everyone must have the consent of the competent local authority before building a deck for your house.

Below, we will explain the foremost reasons that make you feel it is necessary and reasonable to have building permission.

Why Do You Need A Permit Before Building Your Deck?

Here are the reasons for your question –  Do I need a permit to build a deck? Basically, there will be three main reasons why you are obliged to have a deck construction permit from the local council.

This is required by rule

As mentioned at the beginning, any construction requires the approval of the competent authorities of the place where you live. Hence, if you build a deck without any permission from the government, you are breaking the law.

It is essential that you notify the construction management agency before you build a deck. They will depend on building codes to help you consider issues such as building materials, deck structure, or fire safety.

Some people think that evasiveness in paperwork will save them more on construction costs. However, reality proves the opposite.

If you do not get permission before building a deck, your deck will be considered illegal. That means you have to waste a ton of money on fines, retroactive rebuilding payments, and legal fees later on.

A permitted deck builds the home values.

Do I need a permit to build a deck? Thousand times, yes because a deck with the building permit will enhance your home values. It sounds pompous but true.

The purpose of building a deck is to make your home more magnificent and spacious, which means your home will be worth 80 percent in terms of the return on investment compared to the initial investment.

Moreover, in case you sell your house, you need to list those properties in detail with the buyer. Imagine if the deck didn’t have any certification, you would be in legal trouble. Don’t let yourself fall into this mess!

What Information Must You Prepare Before Building A Deck?

Each city or locality will have different building regulations. Nevertheless, they will have the following common rules if you want to build a deck for your house. What information do I need to submit to the building authorities?

First, you need to provide a specific sketch of the deck, including the proportions of the structure, materials, or construction location. In particular, you must provide construction appraisal agency essential information below:

  • The thickness of the desired deck
  • The location and width of the stairs
  • Distance between joists
  • The height of the railing
  • List of all materials

If your deck information meets certain building rules as well as zoning requirements, you will be licensed to build a deck. Now you question: Do I need a permit to build a deck? is completely solved.

What Would Happen If You Build A Deck Without Any Permit?

Do I need a permit to build a deck? If you plan to build a deck without any permit, you are causing trouble for yourself and your family members. Maybe you have built it incorrectly or used the wrong materials. As a result, the deck can collapse or fall and can injure someone.

Another possible worst-case scenario is that the building inspector might discover your invalid deck and require it to be demolished because of safety risk.

When the construction office discovers that you have built the deck without reporting, you will be completely fined and have to pay taxes. In this situation, the insurance company will not fully bear the costs for you because you have constructed illegally.

Plus, If you intend to sell your house with an undocumented deck, this will be a big problem because no one wants to own a house with illegal items.

Wrapping Up

We have just solved your question: Do I need a permit to build a deck? Yes, you must because this belongs to building codes and safety. Several dangerous things will happen if you do not get permission before building the deck, as mentioned above.

Besides, if you’re thinking of creating your own deck, we’ve also recommended the information you need to present to the building appraisal agency.

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