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What Is A Wet Bar? – Answering Your Interior Design Questions

by Richard

If you frequently have guests over for cozy meals and relaxing drinks, then adding a wet bar to your kitchen is a great move. But what is a wet bar, and how will it make your indoor hangouts better? Let’s answer this question in this article right here!

What Is A Wet Bar?

1.    A Great Addition To Your Kitchen:

What is a wet bar? It is, in its purest form, a kitchen counter. What differs the wet bar from your run-of-the-mill counter is that it is usually equipped with a sink, a faucet with running water, and a cabinet for alcohols like wines, ciders, beers, etc. Some even like to set up a few high chairs at the bar for their guests to join in on the fun, too!

This design allows you and your guests to move away from the dining table and have a more casual setting for drinking sessions. With the sink and the cabinet, you can rinse the pitcher, give the fancy glasses a quick wash and pull out the drinks to mix on the spot without having to run around fetching the tools and bottles.

You may have heard of the sentiment that installing a wet bar now will be out of fashion since the feature was popular all the way from the 70’s and 80’s. But the fun of drinking never stops, and neither does the hold wet bars have on the current interior design market. What is a wet bar but a timeless hangout spot for friends?

2.    A Way To Entertain Your Guests

Rather than having to take time going to your bar cabinet to grab your kit, people perceive that  gathering over a wet bar makes more sense and seems more fun as well.

You will find wet bars in recreational rooms like the big dining area, or the living lounge to serve guests, or in patios and man caves for a more private experience for everyone.

Brewing drinks and mixing cocktails are more entertaining for the whole party when everyone gets to see how you make it and witness your skills as well.

The open bar setting allows you to hold conversations while you’re “performing” as well. Nobody likes a party where the host just disappears constantly to prepare dishes and beverages, no matter how delicious the treats are. With a wet bar, you can engage in the festivity while keeping the flow of drinks frequently awesome!

Tips On Building A Wet Bar

If you’re building a wet bar from scratch, that’s good on you! Such freedom will let you make customizations that are personalized to you, so your wet bar will not be mainstream-looking.

Designing your own wet bar also gives your bar a chance to blend in with your already existing space, giving the whole room a more harmonious overlook.

Here are a collection of tips for you to consider when doing such tasks:

  • Based on what kind of events or gatherings you want to hold at the wet bar, you must choose the area to install the feature carefully. If you want it to be a space for adults to hang out while children are in sight, placing the wet bar at your man cave is probably not the best idea in the world.
  • What is a wet bar without some tech upgrades? There are more devices you can consider including on the wet bar.  Adding a microwave oven to the mix helps you reheat food items to make them even more appealing in a drop of a hat. A wine fridge is also a great built-in feature to chill your drinks before a party can take place.
  • When you install a new wet bar into your living space, you’re essentially elevating its market value. Homes with wet bars are sought after by families and single people alike, but if you pay attention to its design and sense of belonging with the entire house, you’ll make your house even more valuable!
  • What is a wet bar’s feature that’s often ignored? Some people gloss over this feature when they add more features into their wet bar. Having comfortable chairs and reasonable seating arrangements will make your friends and family more willing to join you at the wet bar. And it also signifies your hospitality to them too!


To keep it short and sweet, what is a wet bar? It’s a way for you to constantly put drinks on the table while allowing you to be in close proximity with the guests and engage with them. Wet bars are convenient and very stylish if you pick the right aesthetic for them, so start scrolling through design guides, and you might have a pretty feature in your kitchen by next month!

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