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How Long Should You Wait To Shower After Tanning For The Best Result?

by Richard

These days, tanned skin has become trendy. People are often offering advice on how to prepare for tanning or which tanning creams to use. However, many overlook the need to finish the process with a shower. This final step will take some time to complete. But, how long should you wait to shower after tanning? Don’t worry! We will give you a reasonable answer to this question right here. 

Summer is coming! It’s time to go tan! 

Shower After Tanning: Myths And Facts

Some people misunderstand the showering process after they tan. Hence, they do not get a satisfactory result as expected.

To make sure the procedure runs smoothly, we have to find out all the facts and myths first:

Showering will wash the tan away

Don’t believe it. You get a tan by releasing melanin while absorbing UV rays. Melanin is a pigment from the skin cells, so water cannot affect it.

The only reason for waiting after tanning is to enable your skin to recover after getting burned in the sun.

Showering right after spray tan can fade the tan out

This is surprisingly true. Spray tan session requires lots of chemicals applied to your body. If you take a shower right after you tan, the cream will be washed out. In this case, you should need about 2 – 4 hours to let the lotions work on your skin before getting wet.

How Long Should You Wait To Shower After Tanning? 

The question that shows up in your mind now maybe about “how long should you wait to shower after tanning”. The waiting time between a shower and a tanning process varies for each person. Let’s dig in! 

For Those Who Tan Under The Sun

The process turns out to be easy if you tan naturally without any lotions or bronzers to tan. You can totally shower straight away after tanning. 

If you put on any cream, the waiting might be about 2 hours before you shower.

For Those Who Use Tanning Beds

How long should you wait to shower after tanning if you apply UV tanning beds? It is not a big deal! Just wait for 2 – 3 hours, and then you can get wet.

UV tanning does not require any washable items; instead, it just stimulates the natural synthesis of melanin. Showering after UV tanning can help avoid sunburn and skin damage.

For Those Who Use Spray Tan

Ask spaying tan users about how long should you wait to shower after tanning, and they will recommend you to sleep while waiting. No kidding here, because it takes you a half-day until you can take the first shower. 

This method is called “fake tanning”. The bronzer plays the most important element in the process. If you shower too soon, the chemicals you employed to tan will just wash away. 

How To Take A Shower After Tanning? 

You’ve had enough of waiting! No more wondering about “How long should you wait to shower after tanning because it’s time to take a shower now. However, showering after tanning does not happen in the way that we are accustomed to. There are a few things you should keep in mind to carry it out properly.

Get Wet With Warm Water

It’s a terrible experience if your skin is tanned, and then you pour too hot or too cold water on it. They will hurt your skin as well as put it in a state of extreme agony. 

Try Not To Use Soap

You can apply it in some areas of your body but not all over. People utilize soap to dissolve the oil, including the natural oil from your body and the lotion you put on to get tanned. Once you get this cleanser, all the oil will break down. 

Don’t Rub Your Skin; Pat It Instead

Rubbing removes the lotions and moisture from your body. Don’t wipe away all the wetness with your towel once you’ve completed bathing. Always keep your skin hydrated!

Take A Shower, Not A Bath

You often confuse how long you should wait to shower after tanning, but there are still some people choosing the bath instead. However, it is not a good idea. Although you prefer the tub, sitting in there for too long may allow the water to wash the oil away. So, we still prefer the shower.


The query of “How long should you wait to shower after tanning” is cleared. We have just shared with you about the waiting time and how to shower properly. Once you understand how things function, everything appears to be simple. We hope your tanned skin makes you stand out no matter where you go. Happy summertime!

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