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Say no to moths with these easy tips | Moth Control Sydney

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Moths can be a major problem when they nibble on your woollens and contaminate your flour. You are unlikely to notice cloth moths because they don’t like light. They look to hide away in dark, isolated places like closets and cabinets. That is what helps them stay close to their food source. On the other hand, Meal moths are the most commonly found type of moth found in pantries, especially during the summer.

Moths are pesky and can wreak havoc on your clothing. They also love to eat the food you store in your kitchen, but now there’s hope! Check out these easy tips for keeping moths away from your home and stop them from ruining any more of your clothes!

  1. Keep all dry goods sealed up tightly. Moths are attracted to light colors, so darker colored containers work best to keep them out.
  2. Store linens that have been worn or laundered in a cedar chest when not in use. Cedar is great at repelling moths and they’ll stay fresh inside until you need them again!
  3. Make sure any new items you buy arrive with tags still attached

Signs of a moth infestation:

Moth Control Sydneyhas shared some ways by which one can identify moth infestation at home without any supervision from professionals.

  1. Noticeable but small holes in clothes.
  2. Moth cocoons around various places like cupboards and wardrobes.
  3. A very distinctive musty smell on clothes.
  4. Small moth larvae on food.
  5. Webbing on food packages.

How to deal with the various types of moth infestation?

Thorough cleaning of the house:

Getting rid of your garbage bags is the first step in preventing a moth infestation. Any possibly infected food should be thrown away and removed from the house. If you’re struggling with cloth moths, build a laundry pile. Unless the care label specifies otherwise, Moth pest control services Sydneysuggests washing everything with hot water and soap, then drying on medium or high heat.

If you are facing the infestation of pantry moths, any contaminated food should be disposed of and the whole pantry needs to be cleaned to remove any leftover eggs.

Proper vacuuming:

Cleaning your house regularly and using the vacuum every week will help keep moths at bay. If you clean frequently, you will be able to eliminate moths without even realising it. Vacuuming also eliminates moth eggs and larvae from carpets without giving them the chance to develop.

Use airtight storage:

According to Professional Moth Control in Sydney, bugs like moths can fit into very small openings. The easiest way to keep pests out of woollens is to store them in sealed plastic bags or plastic boxes. To prevent condensation on the goods, wrap them in clean cotton and store them. The use of plastic containers for long-term storage should be avoided as they prevent the goods from breathing and some plastics may damage fabric over time. A skilled textile conservator can offer advice on how to store precious fabrics.

Call a specialist to help you treat your clothing and pantries if you have a serious infestation. Infestations and moth problems can be treated and eliminated with the aid of Pestico Pest Control Sydney’s comprehensive range of efficient remedies.

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