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How to Dress Like a Rapper for Men and Women

by Richard

Hip hop vibe is really special and can catch people’s attention right away. If you already fall in love with the style and want to know how to dress like a rapper, you need to know how to mix different things like pants, shirt, hat, jewelry, etc., to appear as “hip-hop” as possible.

This blog will guide you on what to wear to look like a rapper for both men and women. Let’s start with men’s clothing first!

How to Dress Like a Rapper – Guide for Men

Baggy Shirt or Baggy Hoodie

Want to learn how to dress like a rapper? Start with a baggy shirt first because the shirt alone can add so much to your hip-hop vibe. Depending on your own interest, you can pick a solid color or print shirt. Besides, you can get yourself a baggy hoodie.

Baggy Jeans with the Right Length

Baggy jeans are one of the most noticeable parts of hip-hop clothing styles. If you have a favorite male rapper, you will see that they mostly go for the baggy pants and not the right ones.


Sunglasses? Pick the right one because this is how to dress like a rapper. Never skip them because square-framed or oversized sunglasses will complement your look perfectly.

Branded Sneakers or Boot-High Footwear

Do not forget to pay attention to your footwear because you will miss a big part of the rapper’s clothing. Low-fitting shoes with large tongue or boot-high footwear will add so much vibe to your clothing.

Hip Hop Jewelry

We bet you are not unfamiliar with famous rappers like Snoop Dogg with a big package that looks like a chain on his neck and other heavy jewelry like rings and pendants. If you want to know how to dress like a rapper, pick these big jewelry pieces, and you will see significant changes.

Cap and Bandana

Rappers do not always wear caps and bandanas when performing, but at some point, they will wear them anyway. Therefore, it is suggested that you get yourself a cap and a bandana that is full color.

How to Dress Like a Rapper – Guide for Women

Baggy Shirts or Sexy Outfit

Like men, females should wear baggy shirts to look like a rapper. You can pick a T-shirt with bright colors or animal prints because these are the favorite choices of female rappers. Besides, you can also wear crop tops, tank tops, or even bikini shirts and completely have the hip hop vibration.

Short Skirts or Pants

Female outfits are more flexible than men, and this is also true for rappers. Besides baggy pants, you can treat yourself well with a short denim skirt and rock, just like Nicki Minaj.


Hip hop ladies tend to dye their hair with bright colors like green, pink, purple, blue, and platinum blond. The hairstyles can vary from curly, straight, short, or long.

Never Forget the Footwear

How to dress like a rapper? Do not forget to pick the right shoes. For females, you can flexibly choose high heels, boots, or sneakers.


What makes hip-hop ladies stand out from the crow is their colorful eyelids, heavy make-up, and full lips. You should also use fake lashes or heavy mascara layers to get the female rapper feel.


“Big and extreme” accessories like big necklaces, diamonds, stones, or gold jewelry can add so much to your hip-hop style. To know how to dress like a rapper, treat yourself with this unique jewelry.

Tips to Look Even More Like a Rapper

#1: Look up for Some Inspirations

The guide we provided you can teach you how to dress like a rapper. But still, it is even better if you do some research about the hip hop style and look up the most famous or fashionable rappers.

We encourage you to check up on Travis Scott, Eminem, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Lil Uzi Vert before buying your clothing.

#2: Walk the Walk and Talk to Talk

Now that you have all the clothes and accessories to wear like a rapper, and what’s next? Clothing is a must, but it’s not enough.

If it’s comfortable for you, learning how rappers walk and talk will make you look and feel like a genuine rapper. However, this is just optional, and you do not have to force yourself to act like a rapper if it’s not the way you are.

Our Final Thoughts

Hip-hop music has been loved and adopted by many music cultures in the world. Therefore, its clothing style has also inspired younger people to learn how to dress like a rapper. With our guide and tips, we hope you will find it easy to find the best clothing and surprise your friend with your new style soon!

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