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What Type of Mustache Did Charlie Chaplin Wear?

by Richard

We all know about Charlie Chaplin through his unique comedy movies, and  one of the figures that make his appearance so funny is the mustache. So, was this mustache his own creation or a famous style in his age? What type of mustache did Charlie Chaplin wear? Let’s learn more about its history, name, and influence!

What Type of Mustache Did Charlie Chaplin Wear?

What Type of Mustache Did Charlie Chaplin Wear?

The mustache Charlie Chaplin wears is called “toothbrush mustache.” It is a little bit different from other mustaches as it does not cover the whole upper lip. Compared to other types of mustaches, the toothbrush mustache is shorter and stays in the center of the philtrum.

Many people might think a toothbrush mustache is the same one as other mustache styles, but it is not. While you do not really have to grow other mustaches thick enough, for the toothbrush style, thickness is a must.

Only when the mustache reaches a certain thickness can the hair be able to cover the whole philtrum and give the person the right style. Normally, the mustache can be somewhere between three to over five centimeters, and the person’s nostril can determine its length.

Unlike a tapered mustache, a toothbrush mustache does not have a tapered shape but is shaved vertically.

The History

As you can see, this mustache style belongs to the past, which means there are not many people who choose it at the moment.

Toothbrush mustache started to become famous in America and European countries in the 19th century, especially Germany. In Charlie Chaplin’s movie, you can see that he played a factory worker. In real life, the toothbrush mustache is also the lower working class, and factory workers tended to wear it.

Unlike the flamboyant mustaches that American businessmen and European royalty chose, toothbrush mustaches are simpler to trim and maintain.

Another interesting fact about this mustache is that, even though the lower working class chose it, many famous and powerful men of history wore it.

Was Charlie Chaplin’s Mustache Real or Fake?

What type of mustache did Charlie Chaplin wear? Is it real or not? According to himself and others, the toothbrush mustache he wore was not real. He added that fake mustache while playing the same character in most of his movies.

Controversy Around Hitler’s Mustache

“What type of mustache did Charlie Chaplin wear?” This question is asked not because of people’s curiosity about Charlie Chaplin but also about Hitler. Many people believe that Hitler wore the same mustache Charlie Chaplin wore.

A part of the audience still thinks Charlie Chaplin copied Hitler’s mustache or vice versa, especially when Hitler himself was a fan of this talented comedian. However, there is still no trustworthy evidence for this answer.

How to Grow and Maintain Charlie Chaplin Mustache

How to Grow It

The biggest thing you need to do if you want to grow a toothbrush mustache is growing it thick enough to look right. As this mustache is short, you need to make it stand out, so the thickness is a must.

To grow your mustache thick, you can cut it and reach the width of your nostril. After that, you can shave both sides of the mustache vertically.

How to Maintain

Maintaining a Charlie Chaplin mustache is also quite simple. There are three things you can do to keep it fashionable and in shape:

  • Trim It: You should trim it regularly enough with a scissor or wax to remove the growing hair and keep it in shape.
  • Clean it: Clean it every day, especially after eating, to keep it clean.
  • Condition It: You can use beard oil to moisturize your mustache and your upper lid’s skin.

Famous People with Toothbrush Mustache in the Past

What type of mustache did Charlie Chaplin wear? You might want to know the answer to this question because, besides Charlie Chaplin and Hitler, a few famous figures adopted the toothbrush mustache during World War II. Here are three of them:

  • Charles de Gaulle: Charles de Gaulle – a World War II figure – used to choose a toothbrush mustache. However, he quickly changed this style to easily distinguish himself from Vichy France and Hitler.
  • Oliver Hardy: If you are a fan of Oliver Hardy and the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy, you will spot this comedian wearing this mustache.
  • Georgy Zhukov: During the Russian Revolution, Georgy Zhukov – one of the most well-known heroes of the Soviet Union. He wore it when World War II was still happening, but when Hitler made this mustache style unfashionable, Georgy Zhukov decided to get rid of it.


It is quite interesting to know about the past’s favorite fashion and styles that are not adopted at the moment anymore, and today, we just learned about Charlie Chaplin mustache. What type of mustache did Charlie Chaplin wear? By the time you finish reading this sharing blog, you already have the answer.

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