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How To Fake Pink Eye – Complete Guide

by Richard

Pink eye is the condition that inflammation and contamination cover your sclera or the white part in the eye. So, if you want to have a convincing reason to have a day off or treat somebody, it would help if you try to fake pink eyes.

To find out the answer to the question “How to fake pink eye,” you need to imitate its symptoms. They are redness, tears, and yellow discharge. Our article will help find out effective ways to do that.

Step By Step On How To Fake Pink Eye

Let’s follow the guides below to fake pink eyes quickly and easily:

Make Red Eyes

Dry Eye Out Naturally

You can get your eyes irritated by trying not to blink them for at least 30 minutes. You can also speed up this process with a fan, just need to sit in front of it and not blink until you feel that your eyes all dry out. Making your eye not get enough moisture is the first step of “How to fake pink eye,” but if you feel too uncomfortable, you can totally blink some to protect your eyes.

Rub Your Eyes

In fact, no one wants to rub their eyes directly because it will make harmful bacteria pervasive into the eyes and may cause irritation. Furthermore, in many worse cases, the cornea or the protective layer covering the iris may be damaged.

However, in terms of “How to fake pink eye” but still keep eyes safe, you can totally cause redness by rubbing the area around your eyes and simulating them.

Swim In The Pool

It is very easy to realize that after a long while of swimming, eyes turn bloodshot. That is because water can wash the eyes’ protective film when the cornea is exposed to it and make your eyes more vulnerable. Besides, chlorine and some chemicals in the pool can weaken your eyes, and then bacteria will get into them and cause irritation.

But remember that water in the swimming pool can actually cause pink eyes in some cases, so you need to be careful and make sure whether you want to apply this way or not.

Make Eyes Tear Up

Use Some Onions

An effective way to make your eyes water is by playing with onions. Onions can produce tears easily because when you cut them, they release the syn-propanethial-s-oxide, which makes your lachrymal glands standing above the eyelids have to tear to protect eyes from chemicals.

Sweet onions have less syn-propanethial-S-oxide and higher water content. So, if you want to decrease the tears, you can use sweet onions instead of red onions and white onions.

Eye Drops Will Help

Getting to know “How to fake pink eye” means that you should get the tricks to produce tears naturally. Go to the drugstore and buy some eye drops, then spurt more than two drops into your eyes and let them drop down the cheeks. Everyone will most likely think that you are actually weeping.

Use Peppermint Or Menthol Stick

Peppermint or menthol sticks are substances in the lipstick tubes. You can create tears with those by rubbing them in the area beneath your eyes until tears appear. That is an effective and safe way that is commonly found when it comes to “How to fake pink eye,” especially in romantic scenes in the theater. Actors apply it to create tears naturally.

Fake Eyes Discharge

Create Yellow Mucilage

A signal of redness in the presence of the dirt or yellow crust in your eyes corner. So, when trying to find out the answer for “How to fake pink eye,” leaving the sleep crust from the previous night will make the infection look more natural.

Spread Gloss Or Jelly Underneath Eyes

Depending upon the level of the infection, the pink eye will produce different discharges. In many cases, you can use the jelly or clear lip gloss to fake pink eyes because it is thick and transparent.

More specially, by spreading the jelly in the area right under your eyes about 15mm, you can trick others that your eyes are oozing liquid.

Remember, the sparkly lip gloss is very easy to recognize, so do not use it. Also, when taking jelly, make sure not to let it rub your eyes because the substances in those can make your eyes discomfort.


Those are all guides to help you answer the question “How to fake pink eye.” It’s quite easy but, be careful because harmful agents and substances in the process can cause damage to your eyes. Also, we do not recommend you use that regularly to not affect both your performance in work and health.

Thanks for your time!

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