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How To Install An Exterior Sliding Barn Door – Guide Steps For Everyone!

by Richard

Someone thought that the outside door is simply the main entrance of the house. They seem to underplay certain aspects of the matter – the door helps ensure a closed space and leaves a positive impression on guests.

If you are one of them, it’s time to change your mind!

Have you ever thought that you would make it not only sturdy but also more aesthetic with exterior sliding doors? No matter the answer, this writing will bring you an overall look at how to install an exterior sliding barn door. Check it out now!

How To Install An Exterior Sliding Barn Door – Easy Guides

We will start to find out how to install an exterior sliding barn door right after you gather all the necessary tools for the whole process, including:

• Goggle,

• One set of door mounts,,

• A ladders,

• A measure,

• An awl,

• A dedicated socket wrench,

• Mounting board.

Okay, now that we’re all prepared, let’s quickly move on to the below guide:

#1. Attach Mounting Board:

There are two reasons for you to start installing a worthy mounting board. Firstly, this mounting board supports your somewhat heavy outer door. Secondly, it helps keep track of your doors when opening and pulling. Sounds simple but important, right?

However, there is a small note for you when attaching the mounting board: make sure the panel is bigger than the door. Preferably, its size should be twice the size of your door. In that way, the door will have enough sliding space that you don’t need to worry about the door’s weight when sliding.

#2. Drill Holes In The Board:

This step will take you to how to drill holes in the mounting board. The simple task is that you have to measure and mark the appropriate points on it. These points must be accurate with the measurement position on the door firstly; then, you can start drilling them.

During the drilling process, make sure you always follow the protective measures by wearing safety glasses. On the benign side, you don’t need to worry when drilling holes because most manufacturers have thoughtfully prepared “installation instructions” to ensure users will drill holes on the mounting board correctly and easily.

And either way, try to make the measurements really perfect so that the drilling process goes smoothly and quickly but equally aesthetically! This will make your door look great once installed!

#3. Mounting Screws And Rollers:

Only when the holes on the mounting board are finished, do we move on to the step of screws installing and rollers into the prepared position. 

By this time, surely that all must be meticulously fitted with care to achieve the best results!

After mounting the screws, you need to fix the rollers on the mounting board. Remember, the more perfectly we mount the roller, the smoother the door will slide. Therefore, in addition to carefully installing screws and bolts, you also have to tighten bolts, washers, and nuts regularly.

Of course, be smart with your wrench in this situation; they are completely useful and save you time!

#4. Hanging Door:

The hanging of the door can bring this procedure on how to install an exterior sliding barn door to a close. Because you attempted to finish the first three steps, you must now attempt to gently put the entire door on the repaired mounting board.

Of course, making sure the door is fitted in the proper location and direction is critical!

In some difficult cases (the large and cumbersome doors), you can ask for help from friends or relatives!

#5. Check The Door:

Great, you did well! Now your effort will show whether the sliding of the door on the mounting board is perfect or not! Let’s test your final product a bit by moving the door gently and slowly a few times.

You will have to manually correct the imperfections and recheck the roller to ensure the door slides smoothly enough. After all, the roller is an important factor contributing to your success or failure.

If nothing happens, you have succeeded in following the steps on how to install an exterior sliding barn door!


And that concludes our steps on how to install an exterior sliding barn door! Through this article, you can create miracles for your family home by yourself. Now, roll up your sleeves and redesign your beloved door. Then, a beautiful sliding door will make your home more beautiful and modern.

Thank you for your interest in the article!

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