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How To Sand Concrete Your Floor? Easy Steps To Follow

by Richard

Recently, many homeowners desire to have sanded concrete floors due to their highly practical and attractive features. The arising concern is how to sand concrete floors to achieve the expected results. Before starting the process of coating the floor, let’s read through the following writing to have the best luxury floor.

How To Sand Concrete In The Right Way

In this article, we will instruct you step by step on how to sand concrete professionally so that you can get the best results. Here are what you should follow.

Arrange Your Floor

To begin with, you need to prepare a ready surface first. This step requires you to check if there is any hole on your floor and correct those concrete irregularities.

In case you find concrete bumps, you must remove them beforehand. Normally, you can meet bumps in the floor corners, which need proper care. From our experience, you can consider Cold Chisels as a great help to deal with those tricky issues.

It is best if you can clean the bumps as soon as possible because the longer you leave them on your floor, the tougher it gets to move them away.

Prepare A Specialized Sander

Clearly, sanding is a professional task that is best done by experts. If you want to do this yourself, you must find a professional sander or grinder in a DIY store.

Although there might be many versions of sanders in these shops, you should pick the water hose connection version for keeping the constant water flow.

Have Orbital Sander With You

In case you want your floor exposed totally after sanding, it is essential to have the sander of the orbital. You can also use dry or wet sandpaper, but it requires you to spend much time while not delivering the perfect results you desire.

Among many concrete sanders types, the best ones you should consider is the one with a water hose connection for a constant water flow for keeping dust down. Otherwise, you can have the dry polisher with the vacuum attachment for reducing dust significantly.

Ready With The Needed Equipment

Other than concrete sander and grinder, you will need some additional equipment to ensure a time plan for project completion. Choosing the tools will be based on your knowledge of making sand concrete, but make sure your collection will include densifier, concrete sealant, and abrasive tools.

Use Right Grit For Sandpaper

Next up on the process, you will need the appropriate sandpaper on your floor. Specifically, for the basic sanding, the sandpaper at the grit around 40 to 60 is perfect. Meanwhile, the minor irregularities require the grit sandpaper to be 80 to 120, and the smoothness and finish process asks for the superfine sandpaper at the grit ranging from 200 to 400.

To deal with severe imperfections, you will need a professional diamond disc or floor grinder. Note that you have to begin with the coarsest disc before using a high grit.

Work Logically

Professionals always understand how to sand concrete professionally, but you must make sure your work is great even when you do this task yourself.

To do so, you have to begin at the corners with the sanding area of four feet, then reach towards the floor center. Your work must be across the width and length of the surface.

When completing to sand the floor, you should remove dust and clean all the area before using superfine sandpaper for a smooth surface. During this sanding process, remember to check the room to make sure no stains or bumps remain on the surface.

Prepare Finish Product For Protecting The Work

Now with all the knowledge of how to sand concrete, it is equally important to keep it beautiful. Using a concrete sealer is a great way to give the sanded concrete floor a clean appearance. This way will make your floor have a great look and keep it from any tear.

All you need to do now is apply two concrete sealer coats after finishing the sanding duration. Additionally, you had better clean your concrete surface properly and apply sealer every year to ensure its great condition all the time.

Sum Up

We have just shown you the ways on how to sand concrete. These days, sanding floors is a popular practice with a much better look than fancy woodwork and stones. Even though it is perfect to have your sanding concrete done by professionals, you can sand your concrete floor using write-up guidance as a reference. Hopefully, you can soon have a wonderful house with perfect floors.

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