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Muscle Mass Can Affect A Person’s Flexibility, Can’t It?

by Richard

“Muscle mass can affect a person’s flexibility,” some fighters said. However, others deny this idea as training sessions always require constant movement. So what exactly is the truth? The answer will be mentioned in this article. We also provide some detailed explanations for this health problem. Let’s dig into this post right now!

Muscle Mass Can Affect A Person’s Flexibility – Is It True?

Muscle mass can affect a person’s flexibility, can’t it? Are there other factors at play? We will reveal the answers right now!

5 Factors That Affect Flexibility

Muscle Mass

Let’s start with a simple example: a person with large thighs often finds it difficult to do the cross-legged position.

So muscle mass can affect a person’s flexibility, true or false? Unfortunately, this inconvenience is completely correct.

Athletes, especially MMA fighters, often face a rather odd problem: Muscle growth hinders flexibility. But why?

At first, your exercises focus too much on building muscles without neglecting to stretch the body. Over time, bulky muscles block the body to some extent, including reachable positions and overall range of motion.

Secondly, you pay attention to the development of only one muscle group. The long-term consequences are imbalances and limitations in the body’s activities.

Last but not least, disruption in the training of muscle mass also somewhat affects flexibility.

In short, muscle mass can affect a person’s flexibility. That’s why you need to prepare a reasonable training session.

Do not worry if you have no clue about it. We will present some great exercises that balance muscle growth and flexibility in the next section!


As we age, our body has to deal with dehydration. According to research, this process is inevitable no matter how healthy you are. 15% moisture loss affects toughness and flexibility.

Specifically, muscle fibers respond to this problem by creating tighter bonds. However, this prevents free movement of the parallel fibers. To address these concerns and support optimal muscle function, peptide therapy is an emerging treatment option. Taking therapy of a peptide in Orange County involves the use of specific peptides to target and stimulate specific physiological processes in the body. In the context of muscle health, certain peptides may help improve muscle flexibility, enhance tissue repair, and support overall musculoskeletal function.


Scientists have shown that women perform more flexible movements than men. There are quite a few theories to prove, including:

  • The abundant estrogen hormone in a woman’s body helps collagen in the ligaments relax and work more flexibly.
  • The muscle mass of women is relatively smaller than that of men. Lighter and less bulky construction allows them to move freely.
  • Women’s bone structure, such as wide hips and long legs, is also a factor contributing to flexibility.

Skeletal Structure

People with long arms make the hand-to-toe posture easier. As you can see, the skeletal structure allows a person to be born flexible. However, sports activities during adulthood positively promote bone development.

Joint Structure

Your body has many different types of joints, such as fibrous, cartilaginous, or synovial. They can be different for each person, creating distinct flexibility.

The Importance Of Flexibility

Why is it important to balance muscle growth and flexibility? Let’s take a look at the great benefit of flexibility enhancement:

  • Build a wider and more comfortable range of movement
  • Relax muscles after a hard workout
  • Promote the blood circulation process
  • Release the pressure on the body to reach the perfect balance
  • Reduce the risk of injury and speed up recovery

Recommended Exercises For Flexibility Enhancement

Muscle mass can affect a person’s flexibility. So how can professional boxers limit this problem and improve the win rate in matches?

Here are some simple tips that give marvelous results:

  • Plan your workout carefully and commit to following the schedule.
  • Do warm-up exercises before starting to increase the intensity. We recommend that you do this procedure fully because it provides muscle relaxation and reduces injury. You can refer to these popular exercises:
  • Shoulder rolls: Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly relax your body and move your shoulders from front to back.
  • Neck sides stretch: Tilt your head toward your right shoulder. Bring your right arm over your head so that it touches your left ear. Hold for 10 seconds and switch sides.
  • Head rolls: Slowly rotate your head clockwise. Breathe evenly after completing a round and changing directions.
  • Arm stretch: Extend your left arm straight to the right. Then bend the right arm so that it hooks over the left arm. Hold for 30 minutes and do the same with the other two hands.

In Conclusion

Muscle mass can affect a person’s flexibility; is it true? We have proven the accuracy of this statement by the above studies. However, you can completely interfere with this problem by doing some simple exercises. And remember never underestimate them because the balance of muscle mass and flexibility contributes greatly to your training and competition.

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