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Tips for Building Loft Extensions in London

by Richard

Loft extension can be a simple way of adding extra space to your property, adding more value to your house. However, redesigning small spaces can be pretty challenging if it’s not done well, and we recommend hiring an architect to help you design the space.

Besides hiring an architect, a lot comes into play when building loft extensions in London. This guide will share some expert tips you should consider if you plan to extend your loft. 

Hire an Architect

As mentioned earlier, extension projects can be intricate, especially if the design will affect the overall look of your home or property. Here is where an architect comes in handy. Most people forego hiring an architect to save cash or spend less on the project.

An architect can help transform your loft into an incredible space while adding extra aesthetics to your house. Most architects also offer more than drawing plans. They can oversee the project until its completion, ensuring that everything is done right.


The cost of constructing loft extensions in London may vary depending on several factors. Design, size, cost of materials, and labor will affect your overall expenditure. Working with a construction consultant will help you develop the right budget estimate for your project.

An expert from Humphreysandsons will help you develop budget plans while factoring in price adjustments that may occur during construction. Also, remember to set aside some cash to offset emergencies that may occur during the project’s timeline.

Intricate designs using special materials will increase the overall cost. However, this shouldn’t be a bother if you plan to sell the house later as it will fetch a bigger fee. Architect fees will also eat into your budget but will be money well spent.

Get Planning Permission

Getting relevant building regulations and permits is a requirement in most cities, especially London. We recommend taking a trip to the local authorities in your region and applying for planning permission before you buy construction materials.

You may not need to get a permit for some loft extension projects. However, getting clarity from the relevant authorities is always a good idea first. Failure to get permits can result in hefty fines or even demolition of the project until you get the documents first.

Consider Moving Out

You may need to move out or rent a place for the time being if the project takes a long time. Extension projects may involve redesigning plumbing and electrical systems in your house. The dust and noise pollution from the site isn’t good if you have kids around.

You can also opt to move to a different section of the house to cut down on the expense of renting a hotel room.

Bottom Line

Extensions are great for adding extra space and value to your house without going the extra mile of building a new room. The tips shared in this guide will help you with building loft extensions in London. However, these tips will apply if you build a loft extension in any other city or town.

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