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CBD Tea: Top 5 Surprising Benefits You Didn’t Know About

by Richard

Tea drinkers of the world are united in their feeling of love and calmness when it comes to enjoying their daily tea. No matter the type or how you take it, whether it’s milk tea or chamomile tea, having your daily cuppa is a ritual of its own. Now, if you know anything about CBD you will know that it is the relaxing portion of cannabis. It has plenty of health properties on its own, but when you add it to tea you will get a perfectly relaxing cup of tea that will not only relax you but will also provide various other benefits. Today, we’ll be covering the top 5 of these benefits of CBD tea that you may not know.

Stress Management

There are so many varieties of tea that can help ease or eliminate stress…chamomile, kava, hibiscus, and more have calming properties that are unique in their own ways. When you add to this the calming and mood-boosting effects of CBD on the body and mind, you get a very relaxing experience. CBD tea would be perfect for those who enjoy both the ritual of tea-making/drinking as well as the positive mood effects of CBD.

Pain Relief

CBD has been studied and used for a long while as an effective method of pain relief across a variety of causes, from headaches to cancer treatment side effects and so much more. There are certain teas, such as peppermint and Valerian, that has pain-relieving properties, and have long been in use as pain relievers by humans. CBD has a few properties that make it great for minimizing pain. It targets inflammation across the body, as well as just overall aids in limiting the feeling of pain and the overall health of your joints and muscles. When you combine this with those pain-minimizing teas, you get an inflammation-reducing and calming beverage that will benefit you for a long while.

Support Your Gut

Did you know that there is a plethora of teas that can help support gut health? When you are feeling nauseous or have that weird tightness in your stomach, you may often find yourself turning to herbal teas such as ginger, licorice, peppermint, and lemongrass to ease that upset tummy. Well, CBD can also help with this. As we covered earlier, CBD helps to relieve inflammation, which can impact your gut health. Therefore, it only stands to reason that a tea infused with CBD would make a perfect remedy for whenever your stomach is unsettled or hurting.

Insomnia? Put That to Rest

We all know that several herbal teas are ideal for helping to relax and unwind at the end of a long and stressful day. CBD also has calming properties that can assist with restfulness. CBD can address the root of what is keeping you awake (pain, anxiety, stress, etc.) and eliminate them. This will help promote a sense of rest and peace, helping you to fall asleep and stay asleep for longer. When you combine that with your herbal tea (lavender, chamomile, or peppermint are ideal), you will get a nice, hot cup of calm.

Promotes Brain and Heart Health

CBD is great at lowering inflammation. This can be beneficial for both your heart and your brain. CBD is currently being studied by many researchers for its impact on dementia-related diseases that are caused by inflammation. Studies also show that CBD can help promote overall neurological health and prevent seizures. In that same vein, the inflammation that can cause heart problems can be alleviated some by the inflammation-reducing properties of CBD, not to mention potentially lowering your blood pressure. This combined with a nice, calming tea will provide so many health benefits.

Let’s go over everything that we’ve covered here in this article, shall we? CBD infused into your tea has so many health benefits. It can help lower your overall stress and anxiety, be good for your brain and heart long-term, help with combating insomnia and restlessness, keep your tummy from hurting, and so much more. The many benefits of tea combined with the many benefits of CBD mean that you will get so much out of your cup of CBD tea each day.

Please keep in mind that drinking CBD-infused teas or any other drinks may not hit the same every time, due to dosage differences each time. If you are planning on taking CBD tea medicinally, then we strongly suggest speaking with your doctor before making any decisions regarding CBD, as it does have the potential to interact with other medications. We truly hope that you have learned something new from this article and that you will carry that knowledge on as you go about your life. We hope you come back to see us with any other tea or CBD questions in the future!

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