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What Is The Most Direct Cause Of Customer Loyalty? – An Detailed Explanation

by Richard

A loyal customer can be defined as a customer who chooses a brand or an organization repeatedly to purchase goods or services because they think that the brand can provide them with the best products.

Due to this brand loyalty, customers possibly ignore other brands’ choices. They would pay more or wait for a product/service from the same business they love. According to statistics lately, about 43% of customers are likely to spend money on their loyal brand.

As you can see, customer loyalty is really important to all businesses. So what is the most direct cause of customer loyalty? Please scroll down to check it out.

What Is The Most Direct Cause Of Customer Loyalty?

The most common factor that leads to customer loyalty is the customer experience. More than high-quality products, affordable prices, or anything else, the experience they gain from the brand will decide whether they want to stay with your organization or not.

A good experience is based on how you handle problems with your customers at every stage of their journey with a respectful attitude in any situation. Specifically, many studies have pointed out that nearly 90% of customers are willing to pay a higher cost for a good customer experience.

To sum up, the customers’ experience is an obvious answer to our question of “What is the most direct cause of customer loyalty?” today. But how can we make sure that they will stay with our brand for the long term in the future? Let’s move on to see three ways to drive customer loyalty.

3 Ways To Maintain Customer Loyalty

Here is a list that you might find useful to drive customer loyalty by providing your buyers with a great experience.

The first way is “Gather and consider customer feedback.” If you want to enhance customer loyalty, you need to understand how customers feel about your business, products, or services. Thus, collecting feedback from customers is the only way to do that.

Nowadays, with the development of e-commerce, gathering feedback is becoming easier for the brand to get closer to customers’ thoughts. In addition, we can use “Customer Feedback Surveys” to receive a rating from 1 to 5 of each customer and to know the pros and cons of our business, then plan new strategies to increase satisfaction and loyalty of customers.

Furthermore, “Show your gratitude to the customers” is the second way to keep your customer stay with your business. What if your opponent’s business also launches the same customer loyalty program? What can you do to keep customers loyal?

The answer is to express your gratitude through different ways such as one-to-one messages, thankful handwritten letters, or send some small gifts around special days.

The last way we want to mention to solve the problem of the topic “What is the most direct cause of customer loyalty” is “Create a community for your customers.”

To be more specific, customers always trust their peers more than the brands. By connecting with the community of the brand on social media, customers can join in many forums, review sites, and share their experiences. Even if they leave negative feedback, at least you can respond and deal with it appropriately. This way also lets your team provide both proactive and reactive customer service in just one resource. Therefore, your brand can keep things organized and keep customers satisfied over time in this way.

Launching Customer Loyalty Program – 3 Common Types Of Customer Loyalty Programs

Besides maintaining customer loyalty, the companies also need to provide programs to ensure customer loyalty in long-term business. And in this “What is the most direct cause of customer loyalty?” post, we’ve prepared the four most popular types of programs for you to consider.


Point-based Loyalty Program

This type is the most typical loyalty program of all time. Frequent customers will earn certain points, which can be translated into rewards like discount codes, gifts, or special offers.

However, if you opt for this kind of program, make sure to keep things simple. Point-based loyalty programs work best for frequent, short-term purchases businesses.

Value-Based Loyalty Program

If you want to connect with your customers on a deeper level, you have to define the value of your business to your target audience.

This program does not reward customers with things such as coupons, discount codes. Instead, it plays an important role as the rewards are leveraged to benefit society. Customers could donate a percentage of purchases to charity or rescue organizations by purchasing products from the company.

In this way, the brand can create ethical and strong relationships with its customers.

Paid Loyalty Program

The final program in the “What is the most direct cause of customer loyalty” topic today is Paid Loyalty Program. According to a report by McKinsey, about 62% of customers are likely to spend more on a brand after taking part in a Paid (VIP) Loyalty Program.

As this program gives customers benefits that overshadow the fees they need to pay when signing up, the business may gain higher customer value from members and increase net profit.


As you can see, customer loyalty directly leads to considerable effects on our business. We hope that after reading our post about the “What is the most direct cause of customer loyalty?” topic, you are ready to determine which tactics are suitable for your business to gain customer loyalty and to grow better in the future.

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