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Why You should attend the National Airsoft Festival (UK) in 2023

by Richard

Airsoft is a game that keeps gaining popularity, from one year to another. For those that live in the UK, the main yearly event takes place in the South, at a location called Ground Zero Airsoft. This year, it will be held from August 25th through 27th. This could be a great idea for a quick holiday for you and your fiends. Here is what you should know about Airsoft and the festival.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a war-like game that is being played in the open. There are various synopses that can be adopted that determine how the game will go. But the most common form opposes two groups who are looking to win by eliminating their adversaries, on the battle field. It is a game that implies both strategy and physicality, as you need to run through various kind of terrains, hiding from the enemy and trying to survive them. Armed with an airsoft riffle that shoots soft pellets of 6mm. They are armless, but everyone needs to dress the part in order to protect themselves, including goggles for the eyes and a tactical airsoft vest, to carry all that you need (pellets, water, phone, etc.).

What is the National Airsoft Festival?

The National Airsoft Festival was created by the company Ground Zero Airsoft, back in 2007. Located in the South of the UK, somewhere in-between Bournemouth and Southampton and near Dorset, it gathers all the players of airsoft from around the country, for a three-day event. When they first launched, 16 years ago, they made history as they managed to bring the most players ever to a singular event, in the UK. It has kept growing its popularity since then, and today it is festival that can’t be missed, for anyone who enjoys this game. Of course, people are also coming from other countries, to test their squads against UK’s best.

What will You find at the Festival?

Just like any other festival, the NAF is filled with a variety of activities that take place during the three-day event. The moment you walk in, you can feel the incredible vibe that comes out from the campground, but most importantly by all the players that have gathered. They are there to have fun, but also to compete and be the best group, at the end of it all. People camp on site, which enables everyone to spend a few full days together, in order to get to know each other better.

On the grounds, you can find stalls where they sell various items. You can also eat great food and enjoy the on-site bar. Throughout the day, music fills the air, and a variety of entertainment are organized to keep everyone happy and busy all week-end long. The camp ground is clean and offers hygienic accommodations in great numbers. The two-day scenario, created by the organizers, can be followed to the letter, but you may also decide to do your own thing, as long as it doesn’t interfere with anyone else on the campground.

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