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3 Spoons Of Olive Oil Can Save Your Life And Make You Slimmer – Here’s Why!

by Richard

Olive oil has long been an inseparable part of European culture and cuisine, but there’s a good reason it is still popular today! If you want to know how 3 spoons of olive oil can save your life and make you slimmer, read this article and learn more!

3 Spoons Of Olive Oil Can Save Your Life And Make You Slimmer – But How?

1.   Olive Oil Contains Healthy Fats:

The first reason for why and how “3 spoons of olive oil can save your life and make you slimmer” is because olive oil comes from a natural source, which is the olive fruit. Therefore, it comes as a surprise that the fat that comes from olive oil is rather healthy as well, with 73% of the fatty acid being oleic acid. You may also recognize the name oleic acid as one of nature’s rare instances of monounsaturated fats!

These fats can easily be absorbed and digested by your body, so there is less chance that you will experience weight gain no matter the dose of olive oil. (But please refrain from using olive oil in your cooking excessively.)

Besides, the oleic fatty acid has two main advantages over typical cooking oil from saturated fat contents: heat resistance and disease prevention. The former attribute means that the oil content will not change much or burn even in high heat, letting it keep the beneficial components for your meals. We will discuss the latter advantage in another part of this article! Let’s read on to discover the second explanation on why “3 spoons of olive oil can save your life and make you slimmer!”

2.   Olive Oil Contains Antioxidants:

It is an understatement to say that extra-virgin olive oil has a lot of nutritional benefits. You will not likely end up with an oil that slips a decent dose of vitamin E and K into your food like the olive oil can. But since antioxidants start to appear in health magazines, people start to pay attention to such content in olive oils as well.

These molecules have the ability to counter free radical cells in your body, thus letting dieticians and nutritionists link them to countering diabetes and even cancer. Despite already having that defensive system naturally, your body will definitely thank you for eating foods that have antioxidants. Hence, it is the same case with eating citrus to aid your own immunity against common colds!

3.   Olive Oil Helps Prevent Inflammatory Diseases:

If you have consumed foods that have the potential to harm your body, your liver and other related intestines will work to neutralize those risks. However, if you consume those foods regularly, your body will go into a state called “chronic inflammation.” The effects of putting your body on constant high alert like that are definitely nothing to be concerned about.

Those who suffer from chronic inflammation have a higher risk of contracting metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart-related ailments, and worst of all, cancer. That shortlist should be able to inform you of how dangerous chronic inflammation is.

Luckily, consuming a healthy amount of extra-virgin olive oil has the potential to lessen the downside of inflammation, thanks to antioxidants. Thus, having about 3 spoons of olive oil included in your diets can have the same effect as taking a prescribed dose of anti-inflammatory medicine like ibuprofen or aspirin!

One study even goes as far as suggesting that the antioxidants in your trusty bottle of olive oil may ban inflammation-inducing genes from influencing nutrition consumption if you do possess such gene codes.

4.   Olive Oil Helps Prevent Cancer & Heart Diseases:

Here is the last explanation of how “3 spoons of olive oil can save your life and make you slimmer.”

As we have discussed extensively above, replacing typical cooking oil or animal fat with olive oil can moderate your heart and radical cells. But that will only be the case if you choose the right kind of olive oil to purchase and use.

Ever since olive oils gained popularity in the modern world, the title of “extra-virgin olive oil” has been exploited to trick consumers. “Extra-virgin” refers to the first press of harvested olives; therefore, the oil is at its most nutritious and goes through near to zero chemical processing. Besides, the oil is extra healthy thanks to the number of antioxidants and other bioactive substances!

You can safely watch out for fake labels by reading into the oil’s list of components to see if the oil has been mixed with other lower-quality equivalents. Moreover, please remember to do careful research into the brand’s history and trustworthiness to ensure and control the food you add to your body!

Using low-quality oil not only deprives you of the benefits it promises but can potentially make your body worse. You usually don’t worry about cooking with olive oils, so if you apply that confidence to fake oils, you’ll end up consuming more fat than your body needs and increasing the risk of heart and cardiovascular clogging!


The reason why we emphasize the “3 spoons” in “3 spoons of olive oil can save your life and make you slimmer” is the fact that overdose is never good. Even though the fat in olive oil is healthy, you should not be taking in a large amount, or you will do more harm than good!

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