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How to Choose a Brand Name with Reputation Management in Mind

by Richard

A well-thought-out name is considered a make or break for a brand. Choosing a brand name for a business or a project has to be a carefully made decision. There are a lot of varied factors that are involved in this process of naming a brand. Here’s the science behind it.

Avoid being generic

Not everyone is lucky enough like Apple, you may opt for a generic name, but still, it is something not advisable. Think twice before taking the decision of naming your brand that is too generic. A lot of your investment, time, and effort might go to waste if you choose a generic brand name. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered while brainstorming for your project or business name.

Another reason generic names are discouraged is the new age reputation management tools. You don’t want your customers to feel lost while searching for your company name. Google will certainly give them the generic definitions in search results. Therefore, keeping in mind the stubborn Google knowledge panel, you need to have a unique, not so generic, cool domain name.

Choose a name that is compatible with social media

The brand name is your identity. Your business identity needs a presence on all social media platforms. Think about a name that is compatible with social media usernames. Make sure the brand name you finalize, apart from your domain or website, can also be used on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Online reputation management tools work best with the synchronization of different social media platforms. These tools include:

  • Brand24.
  • Digimind.
  • Brand mentions.
  • Falcon.

 For this purpose, you need to have a presence across the board. When your different social media pages match your brand name, Google has this great ability to connect all the dots and give better search results for the customers. It will give you more pages and links on the search page out of ten.

Optimizing your business on the search engine also requires you to have a great social media bio. Your bio represents your band, creates awareness, and gives out the real outlook of what your brand stands for.

Make it sound global

The outreach of your brand’s name needs to be beyond borders and further. Always consider your brand’s global shelf life. Even in case it is a local brand, the sky is the limit; think of expanding your business in the future right today. Also, consider the SEO implications of your brand name. A unique name will certainly give you an edge for SEO optimization. You may also market your product or service internationally with Google reviews. You need to be spot on with the different dynamics of this science of marketing your brand name. You should assess the content that you may be able to create with your business name.

You may also use a review management service to influence and enhance the public perception of your brand. And, if your brand name is easy and unique, most people would remember it.

Market research is a must

This step holds great importance as it is what you call the scientific way. You should know about your competitors, market, customers, and circumstances before coming up with a business name. Do some research about making your brand’s name creative and fun. Research how will it sound? What first impression will the customer take away? Is it easy to pronounce? Is it memorable? Ensure you have answers to all the above questions before finalizing any name.

Moreover, also have a look at what search engines suggest. Search on Google for the potential name. Evaluate the search engines for your domain name. Figure out whether other sites are using that term or not. If yes, check the strength of their domain. See if it will be possible for you to compete with them?

Also, make sure to double-check if there is any negative connotation attached to the name you are considering for your business. There is various software through which you may figure out what positive association your brand name has in an internet search. It will also enlighten you about the underlying concepts, meanings, or entities attached to the proposed name.

Remember trademarks matter

When establishing a brand and choosing a name for it, it is important to check for trademark issues. When you shortlist 2 to 3 names, check if these names have already been picked by other brands or not. If you don’t, you may be to change your brand or product name due to another brand starting a lawsuit against you. However, this can be easily avoided by researching upfront or trademarking the name upon a foundation. And, it is totally worth it.

All in all, choosing the right brand name is a crucial step. Spending good time on it and following a proper brainstorming process would be worth it. After all, you’d be known by your brand, and the brand name is what defines your brand.

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