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Do Men Regret Losing a Good Woman?

by Richard

Men generally enjoy the instant freedom they have after a breakup. However, this feeling will change after a while as they realize they already let a woman go, especially a good woman. So, do men regret losing a good woman? And in what cases do they not?

In this blog, we will share with you the types of men who will not regret and treasure a valuable woman. In addition, we also got some easy-to-read signs to let you know if he regrets the breakup or not!

Do Men Regret Losing A Good Woman?

Do men regret losing a good woman? The quick answer is “Yes.” Not just men, but also women or humans in general, tend to regret losing something good or valuable in their lives. Normally, men appreciate their endless freedom after a breakup. They can hit on any girl they want and do anything they like without worrying about their woman’s opinion or attitude.

However, this “freedom” starts to lose its meaning when reality comes to light. He will sooner realize that he just lost a good woman forever, and there might be nothing he can do to change it.

Many men regret losing a good girl, but does it mean all men do? No, there are some types of men who will never regret letting a woman go no matter how great she is, and later on in this blog, we will talk about these men in detail.

When Men Regret Losing A Good Woman

He Realizes Her Kindness is Not Weakness

Kind people generally have a gentle heart. It can be true that they can be more vulnerable in some situations because they do not want others to get hurt. However, if you mistake kindness and weakness, you can make a big mistake!

Some men assume that the good woman he is dating is weak and cannot live without him, so he does not invest so much in his relationship with her. But when the woman leaves him for good and moves on with her good life, he will regret that he did not try harder.

It’s Not Easy for Him to Find Another Good Woman

After the breakup, he might take the opportunity pretty soon to flirt and date new women. Despite that this feeling can be super exciting for him, it will also allow him to realize that it is not easy to find a good woman. At some points, he will know the truth that life can be so ironic, and good women are not easy to find.

He Made a Mistake That Led Her to Leave

Depending on the woman’s point of view, some mistakes can be forgivable while some are not. If a man adores a woman so much but made a mistake that led her to leave, he will live with the regression for a long time.

She Used to Impress Him, And That Feeling Is Not Easy to Get Rid of

Good people, in general, possess positive energy. Their kindness, points of view, lifestyles, and passion can encourage us so much in many spheres of life. Hence, if a woman leaves so much impression in a man’s life, that impression can last for so long, or even forever.

He Loves Her

Do men regret losing a good woman? If he loves that woman, he will constantly regret breaking up with you or letting her go. Shortly after a breakup, a man will feel bitter about letting the one he loves go no matter if she is good or not. However, if that is a good woman, his regression can be long-lasting!

When Men Do Not Regret Losing a Good Woman

He Does Not Value Your Presence

Do men regret losing a good woman? Even some men do, the ones who do not care about you or your presence will never grieve because of the fact that you are not in his life anymore.

He Is a Playboy

Playboys normally do not care about whether the girl he is dating is a good person or not. Because they just simply want a short-term adventure with that person and know the relationship will never get serious.

He Doesn’t Love You or Loves Someone Else

Do men regret losing a good woman? Even when he knows you are a good person, he will never feel bad that you are gone if he doesn’t love you or is already in love with someone else.

Signs of A Man Regretting Losing A Good Woman

Do men regret losing a good woman? Here are some signs showing that he does:

  • He tells you that he regrets the breakup.
  • He cannot stop texting and calling you.
  • He finds it too hard to move on.
  • He feels jealous when he sees you with someone else.
  • He still tries to talk to you and show how much he cares about you.
  • He tries his best to get you back.


Do men regret losing a good woman? As we are with you earlier, most men do. However, when a man does not value you enough, there might be no regression, and the best thing you can do is move on for good.

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