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What Is IDP Generic? A Normal Notification Or Dangerous Malware?

by Richard

It is quite popular when computers get a notification of “IDP.generic,” and the error normally comes from harmless and regular programs, like Spotify Web Helper.

As computer experts consider it harmful but not always positive, so knowing whether the notify is about malware or not is quite important. For more information, please read our article carefully to see “what is idp generic” and how to remove it.

What Is IDP Generic?

The tool for detecting IDP.generic is the computer’s antivirus program with its IDP feature or Identity Detection Protection.

This error can contain trojans, malware, and viruses and become a potentially dangerous threat to your computer. Therefore, manufacturers design and create tools to prevent them from stealing users’ private data and destroying your computer.

Before talking more about “what is idp generic,” we will explain the meaning of its name.

The word “generic” shows that a generic file is originally responsible for the threat. When the antivirus software finds this threat, it will separate the file from the system then delete it.

Surprisingly, most users’ alerts are false positives even when the antivirus program sends them the warnings. Hence, it’s necessary to check and scan the computer one more time via another antivirus software. This step will help you know whether the file is in disguise with a malicious file.

In some cases, your computer’s program can’t respond well to the file. It happens when the “IDP.generic” comes from one folder, and this folder is necessary for your program to run. For example, if the antivirus software deleted it from Spotify Web Helper, there might be errors and glitches in Spotify.

Reasons For The Warning Of IDP.Generic

With the basic concept about “what is idp generic” above, let’s see more about the causes of this threat.

The “IDP.generic” alerts come from many reasons, but the most popular one is outdated Avast or AVG antivirus programs or Java. Since they are too old, they can’t detect malicious programs accurately.

Although any version of AVG or Avast can send you the alert, regularly checking their updates would be best. Please remember, the newer the software is, the more precise the alerts can be.

Should You Ignore IDP.Generic Threat?

With our answer to the question “what is idp generic?” you will understand that in any circumstances, ignoring your antivirus software’s warnings is not a good thing. Don’t skip the “IDP.generic” alerts, even if it can be a false positive!

As we said, the best option when you have the warning is to scan your computer system with another antivirus software. Next, wait and see if that program can find the same “IDP.generic” file.

In case it doesn’t flag the file, you don’t have to worry, then ignore the initial alert. However, if the second software confirms that the file is a threat, it’s time to check your antivirus software update and start scanning carefully.

Reconfirm The IDP.Generic Being A False Positive

Although you know and understand properly “what is idp generic,” it’s quite impossible to be sure that your “IDP.generic” alert isn’t a false positive. On the other hand, we will show you other valuable clues to identify more details about this alert.

The first clue, if your temporary folder has the infected file, taking the second look is a must. This kind of folder is the ideal place for malware and trojans.

The second clue is for the executable file. You should be extremely careful when the file doesn’t come from a reliable source. If your antivirus software scanned and found the infected executable file, there would be lots of troubles for you. This type of file can easily spread all problematic, dangerous viruses and malware on your computer.

The file’s name is also another vital factor for recognizing the false positive. If it has a strange or malicious name, your computer may encounter a real threat.

Ways To Remove IDP.Generic For Window 10 Users

Most people want to remove the file instantly when they get the “IDP.generic” alert. However, if no important data is coming with the file, it would be the best solution to let your antivirus software automatically handle the task.

Depending on the situation, the tool will quarantine or delete the threat for you and remove all the dangers from the original file.

Best Strategy For Preventing The IDP.Generic

With all the information above, you now can see most “IDP.generic” threats happen because of users’ outdated antivirus software. To save more time and not have to check software too often, please turn on the automatic update function in your antivirus tool and Java.

As a result, they are always up-to-date and effectively block all Avast and AVG false positive warnings.

Simultaneously, the basic rule that computer users should remember is to be careful with all unknown-source online material, such as unknown email addresses or no-secure-connection websites.


Hopefully, reading our post will help you understand and answer the question, “what is idp generic?” We believe as long as you follow our strategy, basic rules and use trustworthy antivirus software, your private data and your computer will be safe from this threat.

We are ready to answer all your questions about the “IDP.generic” alert in the comment section! Thank you for reading!

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